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Alternative Layers

  • February 7, 2017
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As some of you may know, I am not used to living in cold weather like here in Bochum (a.k.a. snow). Living the past 6 years in Arizona I had really gotten used to warm weather year-round, with the occasional cold months (meaning you had to wear a light jacket and sweater). Thus, I am not used to having to wear multiple layers to be comfortable (what a contradiction, multiple layers for comfort!).

As I approach my 4th month living in cold I have become bored with the usual/classic layering (sweater over a shirt, turtleneck under a button down etc.) I figured if I’ve grown bored with the usual, I’m sure so have you!

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Styled in Sweatshirts

  • January 5, 2017

I am absolutely obsessed with sweatshirts this year…finally a lounge basic that can translate into daywear! In my opinion you can never have too many sweatshirts (and while hooded sweatshirts are trending, I am a fan of hoodless). That being said below I have hand-picked a few of my affordable favorites and shown ways to style them!

1.  Pastel Graphic Sweatshirt

A long line sweatshirt is perfect to style as a dress. Keep with the athleisure aesthetic and pair with a great pair of sneakers. Layer over a trucker denim jacket, and add delicate accessories!

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2. Hyped Sweatshirt

Graphic sweatshirts are my favorite…and this one with the POP of red is perfect! I would pair it was a great pair of straight leg denim, platforms, and another pop of color with a red beanie. Layer over a puffer vest for warmth and extra style, and top the look off with a metallic bag.

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3. Simple Sweatshirt

Do casual Friday the right way by wearing a graphic sweatshirt under a blazer or with trousers (don’t want to be too casual). Spice up the look with a metallic loafer/Oxford and some simple studs. Add more flare with a fun patterned purse.

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4. Pink Sweatshirt

This outfit formula is my go-to when it comes to sweatshirts. Take any sweatshirt and layer under a longer hem button-down shirt. I usually go for white because it looks clean, but mix and match colors as you like. You can leave just the bottom hem exposed, or expose the cuff, and collar…whatever works for you. I would pair with distressed denim, and a platform sneaker for a great casual look.

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5. Men’s Sweatshirt

Don’t forget about the MEN. Don’t feel limited by women’s clothing options when it comes to sweatshirts. Take a peek over at the men’s selection (they’re usually pretty great!). By the sweatshirt a few sizes up for another great dress option. Pair a darker sweatshirt with large fishnets, platform sneakers, and a leather jacket for a cool vibe. Add a button to the jacket for flare, and accent the look with silver accessories (um this cuff is Harry Potter!). A fun graphic bag tops this look off.

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What’s your favorite way to style a sweatshirt? Let me know in the comments!

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A New Year!

  • December 27, 2016

We wait 364 days of the year in anticipation of the biggest party night of the year…or at least, I do! New Year’s EVE!!! The only party where midnight is just the start. And a party always means a GREAT outfit…but when it comes to New Years, things get wild! Glitter, Sparkles, Velvet, you can’t have too much…what more could a girl ask for.

Now I know New Year’s Eve is less than a week away, but from working retail I am pretty sure that 50% of you have yet to curate an outfit! That being said, here are some outfits to inspire your New Year’s Style!

Now you can never go wrong with a GREAT dress, but I wanted to show alternative options for fun separates outfits!

1. Denim with a POP

Sometimes you just aren’t feeling ‘it’…and by ‘IT’ I mean getting dressed to the 9’s for a night out of drinking and dancing. Where you will inevitably get messy and probably sweaty (or you’re not doing it right).

So this year op out of dresses and skirts…choose a fun embellished denim (like these metallic paint pair). Wear them with a metallic bodysuit, to show all your curves…then throw on a blazer with a POP of color and velvet for extra texture! Top the look off with a strappy bright colored heel and large rhinestone earrings (because NYE can never be too gaudy) and you’re ready!

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A comfy look, one step up from casual…you’ll be sure to POP in the crowd of dresses and skirts!

2. Sexy in Velvet

Velvet is still going strong this year…and is always a great option for party attire. Do sexy different this year with a pair of velvet trousers (like these ones). Pair with a bodysuit…lace or go wild with a completely sheer version.  Top off the look with black strappy heels, gold accessories, and a bold red lip!

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A different take on velvet…cause PANTS, now you’ll be able to dance the night away and still be just a sexy as the girl in the LBD!!

3. Quintessential Sequins

If you love sequins, New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to pull them out! You can never go wrong with this party basic.

Change up your usual sequins look with a copper blazer (like this one)! Not only will the color make you stand out from the black and silver crowd, but with sequins you’ll always shine.  Be different by pairing with shorts…opt for color and pattern to take advantage of the craziness of the night. Add a neutral silk cami, a great pair of bronze heels, and a mauve clutch to accessorize. And don’t forget to top the whole look off with stackable copper rings and a colorfulcocktail ring to make a statement!

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Sequins may be nothing new when it comes to New Year’s attire, but stand out by doing them differently this year!

What’s your favorite look? Let me know in the comments.

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Belt it Out

  • December 20, 2016

Accessories can make or break an outfit…I always tend to lean towards the Coco Chanel way: “Before you leave the house take off one item.” You can never have too few embellishments, but it is easy to have too many. With this minimalist approach to accessorizing in mind, a great way to stand out this season is with a statement belt!

Belts are so versatile: they can be added to almost any look; they are available in a wide variety of styles; and they range anywhere from simple to extravagant. Done right, belts can really elevate an outfit. Now, belts are nothing new, although they were once a practical item actually serving a purpose…you remember…holding up your pants. While they can still do this, now belts can also simply be a fashionable embellishment to an outfit.

And belts right now are the IT item to wear! That’s why this Trending Tuesday is all about them: which ones to have and ways to style them! So, next time you think your outfit needs a makeover…throw on a belt!

1. Double Buckle Belt (Urban Outfitters)

This is my all time favorite style…maybe it’s because of the western inspiration?! This belt is a must-have for your wardrobe and can be styled in so many ways…but for winter it’s a perfect addition to a cozy sweater & skirt combo!

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2. Corset Belt (Akira)

These belts are so flattering…tucking you in at the waist and creating that hourglass shape. So what better to pair it with than a boxy dress. Not only will it flatter your figure, but it will turn your simple dress into a standout outfit!

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3. Wrap Belt (Mango)

These belts can be tricky to tie…but they are so worth it! Another figure flatterer…anything to get a little nip/tuck without a needle. Get creative and spice up your work wear with a wrap belt over your blazer!

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4. Classic Belt (H&M)

You can never go wrong with a classic…or something simple (especially when it’s already in your closet and don’t cost a thing). While this style is a classic, switch things up this winter by belting your outerwear!

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All these belts are trending this season…along with the new ways of wearing them! But you can never go wrong with the classic…this season make a statement in casual clothes (jeans & a t-shirt) by accessorizing with one of these trending belt styles!


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Holidays in Metallics

  • December 13, 2016

The glittering holidays are approaching…and that means PARTIES!! Which means holiday party outfits (coming soon: Holiday Outfit Boards)!! When searching for that perfect holiday look a few key items come to mind: velvet, sparkles, sequins, dresses, heels…but one thing thats fresh for this holiday season…METALLICS!

Amp up your holiday style this season by choosing a party piece that’s metallic: a dress, a skirt, pants, bag, shoes…anything thing that catches your eye will definitely do the same to others! Stand out in the crowd!!

Here are a 5 outfit staple metallic items I’m loving this season and how to style them into the perfect party outfit!

1. A Dress

Swap your LBD for a metallic version this winter.  Amp up the look even more with a sequined version (like this one).  Layer with tights and a fun velvet blazer to stay warm.  Add a pop of royal blue flats to liven up this neutral look and top it off with layered chokers! Don’t forget your beaded statement bag…Now you have an AWESOME party look!

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2. A Skirt

Maybe a dress is too much metallic for you…so go with a skirt! There’s plenty of metallic options to choose from: keep it classy in a pleated midi length or go wild with a metallic mini (like this one).  Pair with a lingerie inspired top for added sex appeal, but cover up with a military inspired blazer. Keep those legs warm in thigh high boots. Then add a pop of burgundy with a fun clutch and some gold accent jewelry!

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3. Pants

Love to dance at parties? Not a problem, swap the skirt/dress for a pair of pants. Jazz them up with a metallic pair in gunmetal (like these ones) or gold! Pair them with a fun ruffled off-the-shoulder blousy (tucked in) and some strappy heels. Make the look pop with a burgundy clutch and matching bold red lip!

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4. A Top

Put a spin on a classic outfit by pairing your wide-leg trousers with a metallic top. For a sexier look opt for a deep-v or backless bodysuit version (like this one). Choose a trouser in black or cream and pair with coordinating neutral strappy heels. Top the look off with a POP of color in your outerwear piece, coordinating accessories, and a statement bag to create a great Party Look!

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5. Accessories

Not ready for metallic clothing? That’s cool, start small with metallic accessories: metallic shoes (like these ones) or a metallic clutch (like this one). Dress to impress with a classic black suit, with high waisted trousers. Go for a sexier look by layering under a lace bralette or keep it classy with a tie neck blouse. Accessorize with minimal jewelry to keep your metallic pieces the statement!

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There you have it, 5 basic items to stay in style with the Metallic Trend this holiday season! Shine bright at your evening events with these fun party looks, and stand out from the crowd with METALLICS!

What’s your favorite metallic item? Let me know in the comments below!


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Trending Coats this Season

  • December 6, 2016

Seasons come and go, but within this notion one thing is for certain: the season will come…including winter. This year winter is fast approaching. Gone are the times for wearing simple jackets or light layers. Coat season is in full effect (at least that’s the case here in Bochum).

As I’ve stated before, sometimes the need to stay warm outweighs the desire to look “cool”. That being said, I’ve rounded up 3 of the hottest coat styles that are trending this season. With these coats style meets warmth to create on-trend, fashionable options for winter.

1. Teddy Bear Coat

This style is back, popping up on the street style scene in recent weeks. Named for it’s teddy bear like material it’s texture adds an interesting element to any outfit. This casual coat will keep you warm as well as enhance any everyday look!

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2. Pastel Coat

This trend interests me the most, being such a contradiction to the usual. Fall and winter are known for their deep, dark hues…plum, burgundy, green, navy etc. This year however pastels have become the trend for the cold-weather seasons. Outerwear was no exception, with pastels popping up in every coat style! A great option to stand out from the darkened winter crowd!

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Shop My Season Favorites:

Mango Yellow Tie-Waist Coat | Mango Pink Wool Coat |  Zara Pink Leather Jacket | Zara Baby Blue Coat | | ASOS Baby Blue Suede Biker Jacket | Forever21 Pink Trench Coat | Forever21 Faux Leather Blue Moto

Tip: As you can see there are too many options to choose from here, for a great coat that will last go the more expensive route. But this trend may not stick for seasons to come, so i suggest finding your coat at a bargain!

3. Puffer Coat

Saved my personal favorite (a.k.a. the best) for last! This stye coat was on my radar all year (knowing I would need it in Germany) and I finally purchased a Puffy Columbia Coat. And boy is it soooooo warm! I defintely recommend this purchase for anyone living in colder areas. Such a great addition to your t-shirt and jeans look!

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Shop My Season Favorites:

Mango Teal Puffer | ASOS Red Long Puffer | ASOS Baby Blue Puffer | Vero Moda Burgundy Puffer | Zara Black Puffer | Zara Short Puffer | Zara Mustard PufferForever21 Olive Puffer | Forever21 Short Puffer |

Tip: For classic coat styles (trench, wool, parka, puffy etc.) shop overflow stores: Ross, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, etc. to get great deals on top brands for the season!

NOTE: I have jackets on here from Forever21 because let’s face it, jackets are EXPENSIVE! And if you’re like me and want to have variety it’s going to cost you. Unless you can find items at a discount…i.e. Forever 21. You might think, well a cheaper coat means it won’t be as warm…WRONG! I have purchased coats from Forever21 before and they have worked just as well as any. Most of these coats are polyester or synthetic vs. wool or down (even the expensive ones)…so there’s virtually no difference in fabric. The difference might be seen in wear and tear (forever 21 pieces sometimes don’t withstand the test of time) but for trendy or colorful coats you won’t wear everyday they’re perfect!

What’s your favorite coat for winter? Have you purchased it yet? Let me know in the comments!