I want my blog focus to be on styling. Showing you the “how to” of creating an outfit, trying a trend, creating a perfect piece, and finding the ‘IT’ items of the season. That is why I have divided the space into 5 categories, each one fulfilling one of those needs, in the hopes that this site will be a place of inspiration to create your own style and help you curate your own wardrobe.

The main theme throughout my blog is style with affordability. I love fashion blogs, but I often get done with a post and go to “shop this outfit” but I find I can’t afford the items. Even with items less than $100 they are often at the upper end of the scale. And, well, choose two items at $80, and I’m already at $160…that’s $160 that I could be using to go out or travel with! Now that I’m out of work I am always looking to keep my options affordable and to save money. Therefore, most of my items that you’ll find on this blog are from affordable brands, sale items (that I will be sure let you know about), discount stores, or thrifted.

The site is divided into 5 categories of blogging posts:

My Style:

This space is where I will share my personal style, a.k.a. what I’m wearing. I will explain my choices and why/how I curate my looks. You can get my look by shopping the links within the post, but my hope is that it will give you inspiration to help you curate your own perfect outfit.

Try It Tuesday:

Every Tuesday I will share something that I think everyone should try, thus “Try It Tuesday”. These posts will be something to do with style that I feel everyone should try (at least once).  It may be a trend to try, a style technique to try, or maybe just a clothing/accessory item to try! It could be something new that’s just recently popped up, something new I tried and liked, or something old I recently rediscovered.  Anything goes for these posts! I know everything isn’t for everyone (confusing), but I am a big believer that you don’t know until you try. These posts are meant to broaden your horizons, give you inspiration, and hopefully help you have fun with clothing. So every Tuesday: I say try something new!


I am a person who will do just about anything to save a buck. So a lot of my clothing is found in thrift stores, and through DIY projects I create those “IT” pieces of the season. In these posts I will share some easy projects; so you can save some money too. I am all about fashion but prefer it at an affordable cost.

My List:

I hate shopping. I hate going through all the racks. It’s so tedious. So I generally prefer to go online and shop. But then I run into another issue: there are too many options. I often get overwhelmed, or I find too much and can’t decide on which items to eliminate to narrow down my options. So I thought it would be great if  I create a shopping list. Whatever I am shopping that week I will share the top items I found with you; as well as the way I would style them (shown through outfit boards).  If my style resonates with you, you’ll find everything you need in my shopping list. How easy too: just check out the post and shop the links!

Travel Diaries:

As I stated above this project was undertaken because I moved to Europe. My boyfriend and I have decided that while here in Germany we will take advantage of our close proximity to many other interesting countries. We will be traveling at least once a month! In this space I will share my adventures with you! I love to see the places people go and the things they experience, and I hope you will enjoy my journeys too!