I’ve never been a huge fan of maxi dresses — they feel too one dimensional. I mean there’s only one way to wear a maxi dress, as a dress. So I’m usually bored of them after that initial wear. As such, I’ve always tried to steer clear of them. That is until this summer, I have a new obsession with dresses! Along with a determination to find new ways to style them. That way each time I wear my maxi dress it feels like something new! And today I’m sharing with you 3 easy ways I mix up my maxi dress style…this summer we can all get more than one wear out of our favorite maxi dresses!

– Unexpected Accessories –

Dress Accessories Maxi Dress Style

It’s no surprise that adding accessories to a dress will change up its look…but earrings/necklaces are not enough for me. Underneath it’s still that same outfit. So this summer, do something different – change up your maxi dress style with unexpected accessory additions. Everyone expects a dress to be paired with sandals, but switch it up and wear a sneaker! This will change the whole feel of the dress from summer-y/beach-y to something modern/city-girl-esque. If that doesn’t work and the dress still feels the same, break up the long silhouette. Layer a funky belt to your outfit to create the illusion of separates and really make the dress feel different!

– Layering Pants –

Pants Maxi Dress Style

Accessory switch up not enough? Say thank you to 2016 for the introduction of the dress/pant combo. Change up the look of a maxi dress by layering pants underneath! With a maxi dress you won’t see much of them, but just enough to make things interesting. Your single silhouette maxi dress will be transformed into the top of a separates outfit. For a casual look go for a pair of slim/straight leg denim and an easy slide. To make this look more office apropo try a slim leg trouser and fun flat in a POP of color! (This may be a little too hot to handle in summer temps – maybe try a more breathable/summer-y pant style?)

– Layering Tops –

Top Maxi Dress Style

Layering pants too hot for summer? I feel ya! So change up your maxi dress style by layering over a top. Adding this extra layer not only creates something more interesting than a plain dress, but breaks up the single silhouette of a maxi dress. Be playful this summer and layer a funky crop top/bralette top over your dress. If that seems to wild for you, layer a simple button down top over your maxi – wear it as a “jacket” or tie it up like you’re in a 90s pop video. For a lot of FUN play around with mixing patterns and colors – like a green gingham crop top or a coral striped shirt paired over this polka dot maxi! (With all that fun keep your shoes simple with white slides/coordinating slides.)

How do you style your maxi dress for summer? Let me know in the comments!

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