I recently purchased my first pair of slides, I know I’m a little late to the game. BUT I’ve had my reservations about this shoe style: I just didn’t believe they wouldn’t slide right off my foot. I now know they don’t and that they are in fact some of THE most comfortable sandals EVER!!! So I decided to make my own FUN pair for summer – Ruffle Gingham Slides. Because if there’s two things that say summer, it’s ruffles & gingham!!

So follow this step by step guide to JAZZ up your own pair of slides…it’s so easy & totally worth your time.

Disclaimer: this DIY is EASY, but time consuming. Each shoe takes approximately 1 hour (at least it did for me).

Ruffle Gingham Slides DIY

You will need:

  • Slides – whatever your heart desires, but preferably something plain because you will be adding detail
  • Trim – I chose ruffle gingham because it’s AMAZING, but all you need is a trim that doesn’t lay flat (tassel/fringe would be equally awesome)
  • Needle & Thread – the thread color should match the trim or shoe color, or be something neutral
  • Scissors – sharp enough to cut ribbon/trim
Step 1 – Making Ruffle Layers

First remove any embellishments from the slide (like the hideous bows that came on mine). Then you need to measure how long to cut your strips. You will need to repeat this for each ruffle layer, as the slide width changes. So don’t just cut multiple strips based on this first length. You should measure and cut each ruffle layer at you go, so you know the length is appropriate to the placement.

Tip: Cut your strips a little longer — this will allow you room for error and to be able to tuck under the ends so they’re not sticking out off the shoe.

Tip: Attach your first ruffle at the very edge of the slide strap. This is more appealing when viewed from underneath – its the very trim of the sandal.

Step 2 – Attaching the Ruffles

My first thought for this project was to use glue – but because glue is slow to dry it would take too long. Because I needed each layer to dry in order to not shift while working on the next layer. So, you’ll want to stitch each layer into place. That sounds scary, and while it does take time, it’s EASY.

Because the ruffles are layered on top of one another the stitching essentially does not matter. Everything can be visible because it will be covered! (minus the very top layer – more below) You want to start from one end and over/under, over/under until you reach the other side. Then tie knots on both ends to keep the stitch in place.

Tip: Create a knot by looping the loose end through the nearest stitch. The stitch as an anchor to create your overhand knot is easier and usually creates a knot closer to the fabric – which keeps your stitching held tight.

Step 3 – Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

REPEAT…See it’s so easy, only two steps! Then you just keep repeating them for each ruffle layer.

ruffle gingham slides summer sandals

 Tip: BE AWARE OF SPACING. You’ll want to figure this out after attaching your first layer. Then you can decide how far apart to space your next layer (whatever is pleasing to you). After you know how much space is between these first two layers you can roughly guess where each layer will be. Then you can decide if that spacing is good or if you run into issues. Issues = there’s too much/not enough space for the final top layer.

Tip: Stitching the top layer will be different. This area won’t be covered by another ruffle on top, so take care to stitch it well. Use a thread that is camouflaged with your trim/shoe. Create a stop knot stitch so that the only visible thread is underneath.

 These Ruffle Gingham Slides may take a lot of time, but they’re so worth it! Cute, comfortable, and one of kind!!! Perfect for the pool or with an LBD for a summer date…what’s stopping you? Make your own pair today…

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