I am a 90’s baby. Needless to say, that meant Mom was my stylist for that AWESOME decade, and so crop tops, hip huggers, mini skirts were all out of the question – not to mention I was 5! BUT I remember every time I played house, first on the list was to describe my outfit (to my playmate), which always included one of the aforementioned items. I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to rock these scandalous clothes, little did I know they would be out once I was. BUT with the resurgence of 90’s style I’m FINALLY able to make my childhood dreams a reality! And one recycled 90’s trend I am LOVING for summer – A Smock Top Dress…

Smock Top Dress

As a child, I remember owning a smocked top terrycloth bathing suit cover-up. I wanted to wear it EVERYWHERE. While the smock top dresses of today are a step above my terrycloth version,  I CAN wear this style everywhere (if I want). Ah the freedom of adulthood…Now not only can I live my BEST 90’s self – BUT I also have a great excuse to shop thrift!

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