The Fourth of July is right around the corner…which means it’s almost time to PARTY! And whether you enjoy a small family backyard bbq, a full on block party extravaganza, or (my personal favorite) camping at the nearest body of water, you’re going to need the perfect outfit!  So today I’ve styled 6 looks that are perfect for any Fourth of July festivities!

The key to perfect Fourth of July style – dressing to the theme. And the theme for this holiday – the American Flag. Now I know you can go out and buy a full American flag outfit, but where’s the creativity in that?! Plus you can only wear an American flag ensemble one day a year. These (more subtle) outfits are compiled of pieces you can wear again and again (maybe even some you already have).


The standout component of the American flag – its stars, each one representing a country of the United States. So stand out this holiday with an outfit full of stars! Keep your look subtle with a b&w star print button down shirt paired with red shorts. Or kick things up a notch with a red and white star pattern body suit! Either way, you can’t go wrong with stars for this holiday. It’s a great way to show your patriotism and maintain a great sense of style.

Fourth of July Star Print Top

Fourth of July Star Bodysuit

Red, White & Blue

Stars still a little too much? Simplify your look to the key components of the flag – it’s colors. Everyone knows Red, White, and Blue stand for America. So keep your style simple by wearing an outfit prominent with these colors. Rock a fun red, white, and blue striped top with jean shorts to really pop! Or go more subtle with a denim summer dress paired with fun red accessories! Not only will you look great during this celebration, these are pieces that will keep on giving when it comes to style needs.

Fourth of July Striped Top

Fourth of July Denim Dress


The combination of red, white, and blue still too much? Instead go either or when it comes to color and opt for stripes – another great component of the American flag. Pick either red or blue as the focus for your ensemble and build an outfit from there. Style a blue and white striped skirt with a one shoulder white top for a feminine summer look. OR choose a funky, frilled red striped top paired with denim shorts for a more casual outfit. Either way, you’re sure to look great while still showing some patriotism.

Fourth of July Striped Skirt

Fourth of July Red Stripe Top

And if all else fails – wear white with red & blue accessories…

Which outfit would you wear for the Fourth of July? Let me know in the comments!

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