Traveling is an interesting phenomena…the more places you see, the more places you want to see. The hunger to travel is never fulfilled. At the beginning of the year I wrote a travel wishlist – and have checked each destination off – BUT my list is still full! With every new place I visit a dream of another takes its place. And so even with a year full of adventure, I’ve only just begun. So for those wondering where to next, here are my suggestions for places to travel. The travel wishlist of an experienced explorer!

– My Travel Wishlist –


Spain Travel Wishlist

In college my roommate did a study abroad in Barcelona and returned gushing over Spain. Which is part of the reason Spain is at the top of my list! But beyond that, the country has so much to offer. Whether you want to relax on the beaches in Cantabria, admire the Medieval architecture of Andalucia, or party on the Balearic Islands – there’s something here for everyone! And if you can’t decide, take in a little bit of everything in one of the country’s major cities (Barcelona, Madrid).

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Iceland Travel Wishlist

Ok, not gonna lie – Iceland made it’s way onto my list after watching the music video for “I’ll Show You” (embarrassing). But who can resist the attraction of those amazing green hills, and crystal clear waters! You can hike through any one of the amazing national parks, dive into hot springs, explore volcanic craters, and admire medieval manuscripts. This place is an outdoor adventurers DREAM!

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Bali Travel Wishlist

My favorite adventure was my trip to Angkor Wat in Cambodia – exploring the ancient ruins and Buddhist temples! With a similar tropical scenery and must-see temples, Indonesia is next on my list. In Indonesia you can snorkel in Raja Ampat, relax on a Lombok beach, visit Komodo Dragons, explore the traditional villages of Tana Toraja, and visit the amazing temples in Bali!!

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Scotland Travel Wishlist

This destination comes off of Caleb’s wishlist (he wants to take a Scotch tour). That combined with the sprawling green mountainside that is Scotland has me convinced. Whether you hike the mountain side, explore medieval castles, hunt the Loch Ness Monster, crawl the pubs of quaint towns, tour the distilleries of the Islay, or explore the bustling city you can’t go wrong with Scotland.

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Cuba Travel Wishlist

As soon as travel to Cuba (from the U.S.) was opened this country made it on my list. It would be exhilarating to visit a destination that I was once denied access! Not to mention all the sights to see. With the vibrance of the culture, pastel buildings of Havana, sugar white beaches, tobacco plantations, and 1950s cars who wouldn’t want to visit this Caribbean country – almost stopped in time!

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What destinations are on the top of your travel wishlist? 

I realize this list can’t help you plan a trip – as I have no experience with these countries. BUT it can help you to build your own travel wishlist – or inspire a vacation to one of these desirable destinations (for those not sure where to head next). BUT for help planning the perfect summer vacation, check out my Travel Guides!