Summer is officially here in 2 days! Can you believe it?!? It’s starting to feel like it…HOT. And the heat means resorting to the bare minimum (for clothing that is). So I lean more and more on wardrobe basics to put a simple, cool outfit together. The one essential I couldn’t get through summer without…The White Tee!

When it’s hot there’s nothing better than a white tee with denim (shorts or jeans). It keeps you cool and doesn’t show sweat (and it’s not a tank top so no need to shave). Which is why I wear this outfit combination on repeat. Needless to say I have a TON of white tees, but this one (below) from Primark is my favorite!

white tee summer style
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And while I advise having multiple white tees on hand, finding that perfect ONE is a must! One tee to rule them all — ok so a little dramatic. BUT one tee that you love, is the perfect fit, and can be worn with anything is crucial for easy summer dressing. Get your perfect basic white tee today – shop my picks below…

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(bonus – they’re all under $25)

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