Layers make the world go round…the world of style that is. They’re what make an outfit interesting. BUT what happens when it gets too hot for all that clothing. Do you sacrifice interest for comfort? NO…the answer is through summer layers. While there are so MANY summer layering options (basically any accessory) today I wanted to focus on jewelry. And more specifically necklaces — they’re light, inexpensive, and an easy outfit add on. Layered necklaces are the key to summer style success!

For some layering necklaces seems like a daunting task. Which is why today I am outlining some basic guidelines for layered necklaces! So everyone can look HOT without feeling it this summer…

– Helpful Tips for Layered Necklaces –
  • Start with your shortest necklace. A choker is great because it allows space for another necklace tier.
  • Each layer should be a different style necklace. Layering necklaces takes more than just stackable lengths. You also want various sizes and styles (i.e. it’s not very appealing to just layer a bunch of charm necklaces or anything exactly the same) So if one layer is a pendant, the next should be a bar, or chain, or beaded – not another pendant.
  • If you have a very long necklace you can wrap it around twice to create a choker layer and longer necklace!
  • You don’t want too much space between layers — the gap feels weird. BUT you also don’t want them too close in length – they get tangled up.
  • To get a lot of POP layer more than one necklace at each length. This is best done with various chain (linked) necklaces vs. charmed or beaded (as they tend to get tangled).
  • The more the merrier — You can never have too much!!! So just keep going.
  • To really get summer-y add bright colors, tassels, fringe, bright beading!
  • There is no wrong or right way to layer….so by all means do whatever your heart desires!
– Layered Necklaces Example –
layered necklaces example
Example of How I Layer Necklaces

As you can see I like to start with one LONG necklace that I wrap around twice. Then it becomes my starting choker layer and my longest layer. I then add a small word charm necklace. My next layer is another charm necklace but instead a pendant style. In the next layer I choose a beaded option to contrast the pendant above – creating width vs. length. And that brings me to my last layer – just a plain chain. When I don’t use this longer necklace my last layer is usually a larger pendant necklace.

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