Summer is officially less than one month away (June 22)…OMG! And summer means VACATION. The big question: where to go for Summer Vacation? Today I’m here to help…with my list of top 5 places to spend Summer Vacation.

Places to Spend Summer Vacation

While spending time laying out on a beach is great, the same thing can be accomplished at home by a pool. So this summer do something different – explore & learn! My favorite destinations are full history, culture, and great food (don’t worry about your swimsuit bod).


View of the pyramids and camels at Giza Necropolis

Egypt is full of wonder and probably my FAVORITE travel destination! There’s so much ancient history to explore and makes for such an exciting vacation. Take a camel ride around the pyramids or take a cruise down the Nile – everything about this country is AMAZING. BONUS – it’s the desert and warm, so you can still get your tan on.

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The Colosseum Ancient Ruins

Rekindle your LOVE this summer with a romantic getaway to Rome! A great city where days can be filled exploring ruins of the Roman Empire, religious history at the Vatican, and the vibrant streets. And the nights can be full of good food, wine/cocktails, and ROMANCE. BONUS – spend a day at the beach with a 3 euro train ticket & hour ride!

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Step back from your crazy life with a vacation in the Old Medina of Fes. Get lost in the walled streets of the city – enjoying Moroccan culture. Spend time shopping through all the markets, visiting the historical walls, or gaze around at all the beautiful Mosques! Don’t forget to enjoy some Moroccan tea. BONUS – great shopping for sandals/leather goods!

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The iconic London Bridge over the Thames River

Not a fan of summer temps, escape the heat with a trip to London. Spend the days exploring all the sights of this historic place! Then pop into a lively pub for some drinks at night. Don’t forget to do some awesome shopping down Carnaby & Oxford Street. BONUS – Harry Potter filming spots are located all over the city, for the superfan!

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view of the Ayasofya

Looking for a quick trip – getaway for a few days with a trip to Istanbul. Located on the edge of a water front – the historic district of the city holds a cute cape vibe that is perfect for summer vacation. Spend time exploring the historic structures and beautiful mosques. Then venture to the Asian city side for a cool-hipster vibe for dinner/drinks.

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What are your plans for Summer Vacation? Let me know in the comments!

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