Summer vacations are the BEST…especially when they’re spent traveling the world. A stop in Rome should be at the TOP of your list of places to see. Even better, a tour of Italy. That’s why today I wanted to share with you a great guide for a one day stop in Rome – a list of the best Rome Sight-Seeing.

There is SO much to do when in Rome. In fact, earlier this week I shared a Guide to Touring Rome’s Ruins. And while they’re AMAZING..they will fill up your day without seeing much of the modern city. Instead follow my guide of Piazza’s & Fountains to see ALL the city has to offer!

Rome Sight-Seeing

Rome is full of Piazza’s and Fountains rich with Renaissance art/history. Walk your way from point to point to have a beautiful day full of ROME…

Piazza del Repubblica

Start your journey in the center of transportation–near Termini Station. Check out the awesome Fountain of the Naiads at the center. The 4 nymphs represent different bodies of water (river, lake, ocean, underground water),  each wrestling a creature. At the center is a man wrestling a fish.

Fountain of the Naiads Rome Sight-Seeing

Altare della Patria

Walk towards the city center (Colosseum) where you can stop to admire the ancient ruins of the amphitheater along with those of the Roman Forum. Check out the big white building known as the Altare della Patria, which was built to commemorate 50 years of Italy’s unification and in honor of the king who united the country Victor Emmanuel. Take a peek inside at the museum or head to the top to see breathtaking views of the city below.

altar of unity Rome sight seeing

Pantheon Fountain

Continue your journey by heading to the Pantheon. Take a peek into this ancient temple-turned-church. Or sit outside and enjoy a gelato on the steps around the fountain.

pantheon fountain Rome sight-seeing pantheon fountain

Navona Square

Take a short walk over to Navona Square to enjoy more amazing sights! The large fountain is the Fountain of the 4 Rivers (main rivers of the continent) with two smaller adjacent fountains: one of the God Neptune and one of a Moor wrestling a dolphin.

fountain of the moor fountain of Neptune


Head out of the city streets to enjoy a beautiful stroll along the canal where you can enjoy some more great sights – like the Castle of Sant’Angelo. The castle has been converted into a museum for anyone interested. A little farther down the canal you can see the awesome architecture of the Palace of Justice.

canal Rome sight-seeing

ancient castle Rome sight-seeing

Piazza del Popolo

Continue along the canal until you come upon a GIANT square – Piazza del Popolo. This is a great place to take a rest and enjoy the city. Wander the perimeter of the plaza to check out the great sculptures.

piazza del popolo

Piazza di Spagna

Head back in toward the city center, and you’ll come across the Spanish Steps. It will probably be a crowded scene (one of the most famous places in Rome) but beautiful nonetheless! And it’s another great place to chill out in the afternoon.

Spanish steps Rome sight-seeing

Piazza Barberini

Follow the shopping and you’ll come to Barberini Square. In the center you can admire this famous Fountain of Triton while enjoying a glass of Italian wine.

Triton Fountain Rome Sight-Seeing

Trevi Fountain

Finish up your trail with a dinner near Trevi Fountain. An AMAZING sight – this grand fountain will outshine all the rest. It is a great place to sit for drinks after dinner and enjoy the romance that is Rome. Don’t forget to make a wish…

Trevi Fountain Rome Sight-Seeing

Following this route of piazzas will allow you to explore all over the city – taking which ever path you choose. Along the way not only can you enjoy the great sculptures of the fountains but also the architecture/design of Rome. This is a great choice for spending a single day in Rome. It’s a quick way to quickly see what makes Rome so magical: Roman Ruins, Renaissance Art, Religious Buildings. And it won’t take all day to check out fountains – see what you pass, and step in to one or two places that interest you!

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