In most American cities the primary mode of transportation is driving (a private car)…which leads to less walking. BUT living in a foreign country I’ve learned to walk most places. Even when on vacation (exploring all around a new city) I often walk vs. taking a taxi (you see more sights). When your primary mode of transportation becomes your feet, you realize that most shoes cause some sort of irritation – that leads to blisters. That’s how I learned about blister pads – a true life saver to any on foot commuter!

Now blisters are nothing new for me–I’ve always had sensitive feet. But they were infrequent, and I wasn’t walking everywhere so bandaids were sufficient. BUT regular band-aids don’t work when you continue to walk A LOT (irritating the blisters). They don’t cushion the affected area (which allows more irritation) and often get rubbed off (not sticky enough).

SO blisters have become a HUGE issue for me while traveling. In fact, they’ve started to impede my options when packing for a trip. I know I will be walking long distances and HAVE to choose shoes that won’t rub–which are few and far between. But I still end up with blisters and in pain for the majority of my trip. PLUS I waste tons of time fiddling with band-aids every few hours.

blister pads
me fiddling with Band-Aids on vacation

BUT this vacation I found a solution!!!! Compeed Blister Plasters – great for any blister issues. These blister pads are AMAZING! They are made of a gel material that creates a thick barrier between your shoe and the affected area. They’re available in a range of sizes…perfect for any part of your foot. AND they are a nude/clear color which makes them hardly noticeable (they look like your own skin). The pads last for multiple days – soooooo adhesive.

I know your first impression might be: “WOW $$$”. BUT if you have an issue with blisters I’m here to tell you, they are sooooo worth it. AND don’t forget they last for multiple days…

This product works so well I think I’ll try their Anti-Blister Stick (to stop the problem before it starts).

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