If you follow my blog you know that I am a crazy thrifter! Meaning I LOVE to find as much of my wardrobe as possible at a discount (thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales)…if I can get something for $3 I’M THERE! Which means that sometimes items need fixing/reworking. One such item: this slip dress. I didn’t try it on until I was home only to realize the straps were WAY too short – causing it to be completely unflattering (see below). This is a common problem I run into with dresses because I am petite with a fuller chest. So I decided to fix it by adding shoulder-tie straps! For all my other busty ladies out there, who run into this issue — my Slip Dress DIY!

slip Dress DIY

So you can totally see how unflattering this dress is…and most people would pass it up. BUT if you really inspect it you can tell that the issue lies solely in the straps. They’re much too short causing the dress to sit too high on my chest = saggy boob syndrome (and no one wants saggy boobs). BUT that’s an easy fix…

– Slip Dress DIY –

Slip Dress DIY supplies

You’ll need:

  • Scissors (sharp)
  • Thread – matching your dress color (or close to it)
  • Strap Material – I chose gingham ribbon because I had it, and this dress was hard to match to a solid color. BUT you could use any ribbon, string, fabric….basically anything that can be cut into a long strip and tied into a bow!

Now you’re ready!

Slip Dress DIY Step 1

Turn the dress inside out to start! This will ensure that anything you do will be done on the inside – thus invisible when wearing.

Slip Dress DIY Step 2

Remove the straps. I cut mine off because they were sewn into the seam of the dress. You could remove them with a seam ripper (neater), but beware that undoing a necessary seam will destroy the construction of the dress.

Slip Dress DIY measure ribbon

Measure out the material for your straps. You need 4 strips of equal length. The length is up to you…I made each strip 2x the length of the original straps. Longer is better. You can always go back and trim them up later.

Tip – for my dress I ended up lowering the back more than the front, so my back straps needed to be longer than my front straps to have even bows. BUT it’s hard to know this before hand….my advice is to cut equal strips then once tied (how you like) you can cut extra material off.

Now it’s time to attach the straps. Remember to sew the straps onto the inside of the dress. I pulled them down about an inch to make sure they were securely sewn on (not just by the fraying ends). Try to sew through the existing seam to make your stitches “invisible” and make your stitches small. Make sure to stitch the strap every where it touches the edge of the dress fabric (so it lays flat and secure).

Repeat this for the rest of the straps!

Tip – If your ribbon is made of a synthetic material hold the ends over an open flame to melt the fabric (slightly) keeping the ribbon ends from fraying . Don’t let it burn/catch on fire – just hover over to heat the fabric.

YAY!! Now you’ve created adjustable tie straps!

Slip Dress DIY Final Product

slip dress DIY look
Style it up cool in your new slip dress!

This slip dress DIY  can be used for any spaghetti strap items (that need to be longer or shorter). Or use it to update older items, making them feel fresh again! It’s so simple and takes 10 min. So the next time you think of passing on an item that doesn’t fit perfectly, ask yourself “could I fix it?”

What’s a fit issue you have with clothing? Maybe I can help!

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