A few weeks ago I shared an outfit where I wore a Gingham Wrap Skirt. I mentioned that the skirt was created from an oversized gingham shirt. Whether you liked this style trick or not you have to admit it’s a quick way to diversify your wardrobe. You get 2 styles in 1 shirt, adding more variety to your wardrobe without costing a penny! Obviously (for that reason alone) I recommend trying this at least once. Which is why today I’m sharing my wrap skirt style trick. 

There’s A TON of ways to execute this wrap skirt shirt style. And if you’re going to try and rock this I would recommend you play around with it first. You might find a way to tie your shirt that works better for – if so let me know! BUT to help you get started in your style venture I’ll share the 2 ways I style a wrap skirt from a shirt.

Wrap Skirt Style Trick #1

Olive Final Wrap Skirt Style Trick

Start with the shirt open as if you’re going to put it on. The shirt I’m using doesn’t completely button down so I’m going to step into it (with the top buttons completely open).

Olive Step 1

Place your shirt at your waist and begin buttoning it up. Start from the bottom until you get to a nice snug fit around your waist. Your shirt shouldn’t be buttoned all the way to the top (cause your waist should be bigger than your neck). Leave these last few buttons open.

Olive Step 2

Now take your sleeves, pull them tight to the front, and tie them into a bow or knot. I like a bow because it creates a nice “tie-waist” detail that a lot of bottoms have right now for spring.

As far as the collar – I just let it do whatever it does…you can’t notice it. BUT if you do notice it try tucking it under once you’re all finished. If that creates a weird bump try starting over and begin by folding the collar under before you button up.

Olive Collar Tuck


Most shirt will work for this – the slimmer the cut the shorter the skirt. This is because you won’t be able to button as many buttons before it gets too snug. BUT you in no way need anything oversized (although it helps)….as you can see you don’t even need a full button down. This was the style trick I used for my flannel skirt look.

Olive Final Wrap Skirt Style Trick

Wrap Skirt Style Trick #2

Final Gingham Wrap Skirt Style Trick

You’re going to start the same way…with the shirt completely open as if you’re about to put it on. And bring the top of the shirt down to your waist – where a skirt would be worn. You can start with the collar tucked in (folded over) so that way it won’t be showing at the end.

This time instead of buttoning anything bring the 2 sides across and then tie the sleeves. You’re going to want to try and cross the edges of fabric as far over as possible. The less crossed they are the more exposed of a slit you will have…I mean, exposed all the way up to the goods; so really pull those ends across tight!

Gingham Step 2

Tying the sleeves is the only thing that is keeping this “skirt” wrapped; so be sure to tie them tight. I prefer a knot for this one just for safe measures.

Gingham Step 2

You can also pin the fabric to make sure it doesn’t spread open. This is the version I used for my gingham look and is a great summer style! It’s so much fun, and the slit is sexy – but it does appear much more like a shirt tied around your waist than the first option. For this one you’ll need an oversized shirt for it to work. It can be an oversized silhouette women’s shirt (like my gingham) or literally oversized (men’s shirt, a few sized too big).

Final Gingham Wrap Skirt Style Trick

Now that you’ve seen two ways to style your shirt as a skirt…Which one will you try?!

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