Now that you have your Mother’s Day outfit under control it’s time to figure out what to get mom for her special day. I know getting a gift mom will LOVE is no small feat. Especially when you have to do it on a budget! Luckily I’m here to help. For my budget babes out there here’s a list of Affordable Mother’s Day Gifts EVERY mom will love!

While these affordable Mother’s Day gifts may not be grand or extravagant, they’re sure to make her day with you special! And that’s all that really matters, right?

Photo Collage

Affordable Mother's Day Gifts - Photo Collage

The best gift you can give your mom is time – spending it with her on this special day (and it’s free). But I understand that’s not always an option. So a great gift for the girl on the go: a photo collage. Parents love seeing what you’ve been up to during your time apart. Create a fun collage to fill them in on what’s going on in your life. From pics of you on any trips or adventures to ones of you and friends, they’ll love anything that lets them see your life.

AND you don’t need a fancy collage style frame. Pick up a simple large portrait frame (Michaels, Target, Walmart) – or if you have extra budget and time make a fun frame. Either way, get a single picture frame. Now gather your photos (snapfish has great deals for printing digital pics) and start placing them around in a collage that suits you. Once you’ve decided on the perfect layout tape the photos to the back of the frame (this will prevent them from slipping). TADA – an easy gift that Mom will be sure to enjoy!


Affordable Mother's Day Gifts - Mother's Day Brunch

I understand that you are busy, but maybe you can spare some time in the morning to do brunch with mom. Going out to eat can cost lots of $$$$ so instead make your mom a fun brunch at home. Chances are she already has most ingredients necessary, and if not, doing it yourself still saves you money.

Brunch Menu:

  • Drinks – A mimosa is typical (choose an inexpensive Champagne – mom will forgive you)
    • or choose an alternative cocktail your mom LOVES (my mom’s fave are Bellinis)
  • Fruit Assortment – whatever is on sale! Best part of doing it yourself: getting the deals
  • Eggs – cooked however your mom LOVES (get fancy or stay simple – up to your cooking skills)
  • Meat – Bacon/sausage/ham (whichever type your mom prefers)
  • Bread – Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast (don’t forget the toppings)

With that short list (and small cost) and easy cooking you’ve created a gift your mom will LOVE! The best part is that you’ll be spending time with her!

The menu above is the simple, easy, inexpensive way to make a fun brunch gift for mom. Of course, choose things she’ll love (i.e. if she’s vegetarian or a health nut – create a menu of breakfast items she eats). If money/cooking skills are not an issue check out these more advanced tasty brunch recipes – YUMMMM. With a little extra cost/time you can even create a fun setup to enjoy.

Spa Day

Affordable Mother's Day Gifts - Spa Day

Everyone loves a spa day, but an actual day at the spa is going to cost major $$$$. Instead create a fun spa day basket for her to enjoy at home. Even better – create a basket for two and spend a spa day with mom! Basket ideas: manicure kit, face mask, hair mask,  makeup, bath bomb/bubbles, lotion, slippers, towels, candles, mini drinks (wine/champagne). A great addition: coupons for treatments by YOU! Spend a day treating your mom like the queen she is!

My mom always asks me to paint her nails so that would be my coupon. Maybe a coupon for makeup, hair, foot massage etc.. Create a basket of items you know your mom would enjoy! (If you don’t have the time to spend the day with her a spa gift basket is still a great idea she’ll LOVE)

Don’t forget to package it up really cute! Tip – check places like Marshalls, T.J.Maxx, & Ross for these type of items on clearance!

Movie Day

Affordable Mother's Day Gifts - Movies Marathon

I love going to see movies with my mom. BUT going to the theater is SO expensive. Instead take a trip to your nearest Red Box (or online at Amazon) and pick up a handful of movies to watch. Add in a movie treat basket with popcorn, candy, and sodas, and you’re set for full day of fun with mom.

Choose new movies or old classics you two love! Maybe even choose a theme (mother & daughter, rom-coms, series marathon etc.). It may not be much, but mom will enjoy spending the whole day with you! Go the extra mile and package everything in a fun DIY basket.

Which of these Affordable Mother’s Day Gifts would you give? Let me know in the comments.

I know these gifts seem small, but trust me – all mom cares about is spending time with her little girl! Especially since you’re probably no longer living together (no matter what she says, she misses it). These affordable Mother’s Day gifts allow the two of you to relive the days of sharing a roof and spend this special day together…pampering your mom.

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