Anniversaries, they’re amazing right?! Celebrating LOVE is always great – spending time with that special someone! And while that would be enough we add presents to the occasion – an extra way to show your love. So your anniversary gift should be more than a superficial item. That is why I advocate for sticking to the traditional anniversary gift themes. They force you to be creative and different with your gifting – making everything so much more meaningful. While year 1 is easy (paper) year 2: Cotton is quite a bit harder! So I want to share with you a great DIY Cotton Anniversary Gift that your significant other will LOVE.

You will need:

  • White Cotton Boxers (this can be any light colored cotton item)
  • Fabric Markers – Shop Amazon
  • Piece of Cardboard
Cotton Anniversary Gift Project

A personalized love note is always the BEST anniversary gift. But that’s not cotton – unless you make it that way. For a cotton anniversary gift – create a personalized love note clothing item! Choose anything cotton ( just make sure its a light color – so the writing will show up). Try and pick something with meaning, it’ll make the gift that much better. I chose boxers because Caleb had been mentioning needing underwear.

This cotton anniversary gift is sentimental and literally tells the person how much you love them, and is being easy to create.

Step 1 

Place the piece of cardboard inside the boxers. As if you’re dressing the cardboard. This will make sure that if the fabric marker bleeds through it won’t bleed onto the other side of the clothing.

Step 2 

Begin writing (I started on the bottom hem of one leg to make sure to write in a straight line). Continue to write little sayings across from left to right (as if the boxers were a journal). Go all the way around until you reach your starting place and then begin a new sentence on top. I wrote down phrases of why I love him like…”the way you laugh”. Every few sentences I wrote in big bold red I LOVE YOU (strategically placed evenly). By keeping the rest of the writing in black this created a sort of pattern (see below).

Step 3

Follow the directions of your markers for what to do once you’ve finished – i.e. iron, wash & dry etc. However it says to maintain the ink. Package the gift in some special way. Because I had decorated boxers and Caleb had been wanting some more underwear, I created a full undies basket! I bought pairs for him to actually wear (his favorite brand) and had them all rolled up with this pair on top. This made the gift practical while still holding sentiment and showing him how much I love him!

DIY Cotton Anniversary Gift
Sorry for the blurred photo – can’t have you reading my love notes!

And they look pretty cool too!


Think of TONS of things to say before starting and write each one down! I would often think of things during the day and forget by the time I went to continue my project.

Have 2 markers of whatever color you’re using – mine started to fade.

The waistband is the hardest (with the elastic and pleats) so be patient and stretch each section out as you go – otherwise everything will be illegible

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