It’s spring and that means DENIM! And with it trending in new ways this season, things can get a little crazy (bags, shoes, ruffles, etc.). BUT don’t forget about the basics…and what’s more classic for a spring outfit than a great fitting pair of Light Wash Denim!

However this can be easier said than done. Finding a great fit in a pair of denim at an affordable price can be tough…trust me. I’ve decided today to share with you my favorite denim retailers; they never let me down. Along with my TOP picks for a staple pair of light wash denim this season.

– Disclaimer – 

Everyone loves skinny jeans, but for spring I’m attracted to something a little more relaxed. I don’t want a jean legging/skinny, but I also don’t want  a boyfriend/baggier cut. I’m looking for something in-between. A denim cut that creates a shape (skinny) with a  little relaxation so that the fabric isn’t clinging to me like it’s painted on. A slim-straight cut or relaxed-skinny is my ideal leg shape for spring. This cut is not only flattering but will be more breathable as temps starts to rise!

Denim fit may often feel arbitrary, but our personal taste is usually determined by our body type (obviously). I tend to think of my shape as pretty average; so I think the cuts/fits that I like will work on multiple body types. That said, there are a few issues that arise for me when I’m looking for new jeans (that you may or may not relate to): The jeans are too long – I am definitely short (5’2″) and end up cutting every pair of denim. Looking like a box – I have a boxy figure so finding jeans that create a slender silhouette vs. a box is tough. Waist size doesn’t match leg size – the age old issue of a pair of jeans fitting your waist but being too tight in the butt and thighs or vice versa.

These picks tackle each of these issues and are great ready to wear (no tailoring necessary) light wash denim for spring.


Everyone knows Levi’s Jeans…chances are you already love them. So no news here. BUT they can be pretty pricey.  So if you’re going to splurge $100 on a pair of denim they better be the perfect fit. Luckily any choice of Levi’s will be awesome. Their denim is always perfection and will last! Tip – find discounted Levi’s in outlet stores.

501 Skinny Jean

This fit is a great twist on a classic Levi. The slimmer leg updates the classic 501 silhouette. And while this light worn out wash is awesome, this style does come in TONS of color options – something for everyone! You can also pick various lengths for your jeans – YAASSS. This pair is made with selvedge denim and will have a more classic/sturdier feel to the material (a.k.a. true denim). They even have a button fly–my favorite…

Levi's skinny jean Light wash denim


I have worn Express Jeans for years and love every single pair. Their jeans always fit amazing! It’s something in their material blend that just works!! The reason I started wearing the jeans was because of work. I worked for Express and if you wear denim to work it must be their brand. BUT that’s just what got me hooked! I still love their denim to this day and won’t ever stop (as do most former employees). Not only are their fits the best, but they have so much variety to choose from–definitely my top denim destination–and with their frequent 40% off denim events, they are also very affordable.

Vintage High Rise

More recently the brand has come out with Vintage Classic Fits, and I am obsessed. I purchased this pair of jeans on Black Friday (great deals) and have basically lived in them since! They are perfect. The high rise fits my frame amazingly while the slender leg creates a longer silhouette.  They’re an ankle jean so they are also the perfect length for me! And they are a relaxed fit making them super comfortable. (Express also offers a petite version in most denim for short girls like me)

One tip – they do stretch with wear but will shrink back up after a washing.

Express vintage Light wash denim

Light Vintage High Rise

These are a duplicate pair of the jeans from above. I’ve had my eye on them for awhile now…just waiting to get back stateside to place an order! I always say buy what you love in multiple colors, and this lighter wash is awesome for spring.

Vintage Light Wash Denim

Distressed Skinny Jean

I know I said no skinnies for spring, but Express jeans are just too amazing. I love a pair of jeans with a really distressed raw hem. BUT the problem is I end up cutting my jeans to fit my shorter legs, chopping off all that awesome detailing. BUT not with an Express ankle jeans…this pair would be perfect. The mid rise is basically the new normal, and their performance stretch jeans have the best fabric! I also love the wash and major distressing…

MR Skinny Light Wash Denim


When I moved to Europe I had no choice but to find a new go-to jean retailer (once you find one, stick to them). I found H&M! While H&M denim can be hit and miss, they have a HUGE variety, and there’s sure to be something you’ll love. Tip – if you’re between sizes choose the smaller version, H&M Jeans stretch out a lot!

Relaxed Skinny Ankle Jean

This pair of denim is on my wishlist! They look amazing. My one issue with H&M denim is that they usually come too long (I have to cut them to an appropriate length). But not this pair because…ANKLE JEANS. I am loving the wash especially for sunny days in spring. They are a relaxed skinny; so there’ll be some extra room in the leg. And that ripped knee detail…awesome.

Relaxed Skinny Light Wash Denim

High Rise Straight Jeans

These jeans don’t photograph well, but I have a pair (similar cut) from last season, and they are one of my favorites (despite being a size too big). H&M does high waist right…actually HIGH. I love that the wash is uber light without being acid (no just no to acid wash). The straight leg means the jeans won’t be skin tight and simultaneously not unattractively baggy. These will be long, but it’s a great chance to create any hem you desire!

Straight Leg Light Wash Denim


I just recently discovered Pimkie and am slowly becoming obsessed! Now more so that I found an awesome pair of jeans. The best part of Pimkie Jeans is the length…they’re perfectly tailored for my 5’2″ height! Pimkie is only available in some European countries (sorry) but is a great discount brand. I have only bought one pair of denim from them, but it is quickly rising to the top of the pile! I can’t wait to see more from them…

Mom Jean

I know…the craze of mom jeans. And while I usually don’t go for the fit (too hippy–literally the hips) these were amazing. I was immediately drawn to the classic light wash. They’re a great HIGH rise and the perfect length–hitting right at the ankle bone! The leg shape is slim without being painted on, and the material is nice and thick (like a vintage Levi but half the price). As you can tell I am obsessed.

Tip – they don’t look great here, but trust they are awesome!

Mom Jean Light Wash Denim

Which denim is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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