One of my favorite parts about traveling is EATING…I know this sounds weird, but trying new foods is AMAZING. I wasn’t always this way – while I was never a “picky” eater I definitely didn’t really like to try anything new. Luckily traveling (and Caleb) have changed that, and boy, am I glad! Opening myself up to new foods has allowed me to eat some of the most AMAZING dishes (coincidentally now also some of my favorites)! Now everywhere I go I try to eat an “exotic” and new dish – preferably something native to the country. AND today I want to share with these must-try international foods!

This list is not only meant for the wanderers out there…you don’t have to travel to try new foods. DON’T WAIT to visit these countries to try these AMAZING international foods. I’m sad it took me this long in my life to find all this deliciousness!

I realize some of these foods may be hard to find! Each food name (title) is linked to a corresponding recipe page!!

The United Kingdom

Everyone knows the U.K. is famous for its pub food. And I am here to tell you – it’s TRUE. This may contradict everything you’ve learned growing up (a.k.a. don’t eat the food at a bar), but you must eat at least one meal in a Pub while in the U.K.. And the dish you should try…

Shepherd’s Pie

This is simply a meat pie with a crust of mashed potato on top! Granted your meat pie will most likely come with mashed potatoes on the side, but this is even BETTER. It’s an alternative to lasagna (in my mind) where the noodles are replaced with potato; so…um…YUM! Try ONE–you won’t regret it.


While in Bangkok we ate some of the most amazing noodle bowls of my life. I seriously still dream about them. Here’s the kicker: we’re not sure what they’re called or how to get them stateside. But I have found a website detailing various noodle soups of Thailand here.  Each soup was a little different, but they were all delicious. Make sure if you’re ever in Thailand to try a bowl!

Noodle Bowl 

A soup broth with noodles, meat, and vegetables of all sorts! From the list above I would have to guess that these 6 Thai Noodle Dishes would be similar to what we ate: Bamii, Kuaytiaw Kai, Kuaytiaw Khrae, Kuaytiaw Look Chin, Kuaytiaw Nuea, Boat Noodles.

We’ve tried to find something similar at every Thai Restaurant we visit but have yet to succeed; instead we go with Pho, which has a similar flavor. As you can see the picture of one of the best noodle bowls (above) looks more like ramen; so that might actually be a closer approximation overall. If you can find a Thai restaurant that sells a version of these noodle soups TRY IT!


As in most countries I visit, the best foods of Egypt were found while wandering the streets! If you visit don’t be afraid to pop into that hole in the wall or try the food cart for a snack!


This may seem weird because pizza is pizza right? Wrong! Egyptian pizza had a mediterranean flavor to it and didn’t seem to have any sauce. It was small circle of dough, filled with various toppings (looked like a supreme pizza) that was heated upon my order and rolled into a burrito.

The meats had a different and distinct Mediterranean flavor, and the dough was closer to pita bread than pizza crust! A must try!! I actually found a version at the grocery the other day (called Turkish pizza); so check your frozen foods section! It’ll look more like a pita roll than a pizza.


We visited Istanbul and walked between most locations…which allowed us to try street food AND YUM! In Istanbul there were “pastry” carts everywhere selling what looked like two variations of bagel treats. They are actually called “acma” & “simit.”


Acma – looked like a plain bagel, but it was actually an interesting pastry that was somewhere between a croissant, bagel, and donut. I had it topped with Nutella…AMAZING!

Simit – looked like a pretzel. It was actually a thinner bagel covered in sesame seeds. I ate it topped with soft cheese and olive paste.

Both were so delicious!


Everyone knows about Belgian Waffles, and if you haven’t ever had one – who are you?! But no matter how many you’ve had in your lifetime, when you go to Belgium you HAVE to eat a waffle.


A belgian waffle is a thick large squared waffle! BUT in Belgium they are taken to a whole other level with the variations in toppings. NO longer is a waffle a breakfast food but a sweet sweet treat. Top it with ice cream, chocolate, fruit, whipped cream, whatever your heart desires.


Morocco had a TON of amazing food…of course all mediterranean cuisine. And while it was all amazing nothing stood out as a favorite. It was a signature drink that had me craving more.


Moroccan tea is so delicious! It’s SUPER sweet and minty – which sounds meh, but it’s so AMAZING. I don’t know if it’s recreatable (recipe above), but if you’re eating Moroccan food get tea with your meal! It’ll be a nice little desert.


Saved the best for last! I LOVE German food and will miss it when we move. And because I’ve spent a year living in the country, I though it fair to share more than one AMAZING dish!

Hänchen Brötchen

This literally translates to “chicken sandwich,” but it is so much more! I’ve only ever seen it from a food truck…so look for it if you’re ever traveling through Germany. BUT it is a baked roll stuffed with roasted chicken, sauerkraut, and onions…sandwich-tyle. The chicken is seasoned with loads of paprika, and you have the choice of condiments! Simple but so delicious.


These are noodles made from potatoes! It’s crazy and soooo delicious. I mean you generally can’t go wrong with potatoes in German food, but this takes it to a whole new level. Top them with cheese and sour cream…YAAASSS!


Basically these are round hash brown like cakes…nothing that crazy, right? But it’s the toppings that make them amazing. I think Germans are the best when it comes to sweet/savory combos. Top these potato cakes with cranberry or apple sauce and PARTY in my mouth.

There you have it, my list of favorite (must-try) international foods from all the places I’ve been. Now it’s your turn: GET OUT – try something new this Try ‘IT’ Tuesday. Change your dinner plans–start with an international food from my list of MUSTS!

What’s your favorite food dish? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. If you are traveling to any of these countries you MUST try these dishes while visiting. BUT be warned, they’ll be oh so delicious. And almost impossible to have re-created ANYWHERE else. That is the one drawback of trying international foods–it may never compare anywhere else.

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