The pajama top is here to stay this spring ~ which gets me pretty excited. I have so many new ideas for this leopard print pajama top I found thrifting in Texas. And today I decided to try one out: a pajama top and boyfriend shorts.

I LOVE this top but my one issue – it’s oversized (sometimes your compromise in thrift situations). The oversized silhouette is a little strange when paired with most jeans/pants. I find it too wide creating an unflattering silhouette in most outfits.  The normal fix would be to tuck it in, but it’s too wide to to tuck in without making me appear top heavy. The next obvious fix would be to contrast it with skinny jeans  – but again I’m left with a very off-balance look.

So this leopard print pajama top has been sitting in the back of my closet. But now that the sun has appeared once again I had some fresh ideas for styling this top – SHORTS! It completely removes the issue of silhouettes clashing. Paired with a loose fitting short, the top is balanced by the baggy bottoms but doesn’t create a “wide” shape because my legs are exposed.

leopard print topleopard top and shorts Denim Shorts leopard outfitleopard printed pajama style shirt

This look was perfect for the day. It was easy breezy and created a fun tomboy style I often enjoy. I have a few other ideas in mind for this leopard print pajama top and can’t wait to try them out soon! Stay tuned…

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Tip ~ Pajama tops are a great thrifted item. There are always “silky” tops from pajama sets – just wear them as an everyday shirt…so easy and such a discounted way to find great items. To get a more 2017 “style” have the top tailored.

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