Holla for Hump Day ?!!! I’m celebrating my mid-week marker with a fun outfit of Pink Overalls!

Ok, let’s talk overalls for a minute. They’re an interesting form of clothing, not quite a dress, not pants, not a top…they’re all of this combined (if you can’t tell I am a fan). I know wearing them can feel like a style regression into pre-school. BUT if style them appropriately, they can add so much fun to an otherwise plain outfit–plus they’re so easy!

Ok, so I LOVE mini skirt overalls (I own two). The way I keep them feeling fresh and not like I’m back in diapers is by styling them as skirts! I wear the bib down just to add some flare…But there are a TON of ways to style overalls to feel adult:

  • wear them with an adult top–a crop top or a button down
  • add a belt (this can come off really 80s though so watch out)
  • buy current denim styles–distressed, boyfriend cut, etc.
  • stay away from too much embroidery (remember those Looney Tunes overalls you had growing up)
  • stay away from bright colored denim–pick adult tones (neutrals, blue jeans)
  • the fit/cut are most important to sophisticating this toddler trend

Check out how I styled my pink overalls to add some edge to my hump day…

spring style with pink overallsstripesstripes with denim pink overallsa color block purse flower patch overalls in pink denim

Don’t be afraid to give overalls a try. They are super fun and can create an edgy outfit! They’re a great staple for weekend wear. Swap your go-to jeans for a pair of relaxed overalls to add flare to your casual style! You won’t regret it..

What are you wearing today? Let me know in the comments!

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P.S. Most of this outfit pieces are from overflow stores (Ross, Marshalls) But I have included links to similar items.

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