As we get older birthdays become less of a big deal. BUT that doesn’t mean we don’t want to celebrate them. And what is the proper way to celebrate a birthday? Gift giving. Birthday gifts are a great way to show someone they’re special to you.

The problem is knowing what to gift someone! When you were young it was so easy. The answer was always a toy. And as we grew up, most of us (style lovers) wanted clothing of some sort. While this hasn’t changed, now that we’re “grown ups,” we buy things for ourselves when we need/want them. This makes it ridiculously hard to get someone a gift that they really want.

Since you’re probably only buying birthday gifts for close friends or family (at this point), it’s likely you know the person well. BUT does that mean you really know what to get them? I LOVE buying birthday gifts for my best friends, but as we get older it gets harder. I know what they like (and I know their sizing), but to me they are independent women who have it all on their own! And while we always end up getting each other things that we LOVE it would be nice to get them something I knew they wanted!

It’s my birthday this week and everyone has been asking me what I want. This got me thinking, it’s really hard to know what a 20-something girl wants (we’re difficult–it’s true). So I came up with a list of great options to gift that 20 year old in your life! And here it is: a list of great Birthday Gifts that any girl would find FUN and useful. The trick: adult versions of “toys”.

Exciting Handbag

 Every girl LOVES their purses, and chances are you’ve seen the styles they carry. So for her birthday, gift her with another great one. I say go for a style/color that’s a little more daring than her usual choice. Chances are she has hesitated on purchasing it for herself because it’s not something she “needs.” BUT that’s the fun of a birthday gift. Give her something she desires but is too thrifty to buy on her own!

Birthday Gifts Purse ideas

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| Cactus Purse | Colorful Crossbody | Embellished Crossbody | Fanny Pack | Basket Weave Purse |

Zara also has a great Bag selection this season!

Polaroid Camera

This one is a GREAT idea for anyone. Not only are they great fun and a cool way to create memories – but they are reminiscent of childhood!! These are a little pricier but totally worth it. It makes taking photos fun, instantly gives you a hard copy, and inspires creativity in displaying all your snaps. The gift that keeps on giving!

A great birthday gift - polaroid camera

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| Polaroid Snap | Fuji Film Instax | Impossible x UO Polaroid |

Get great deals on (with tons of variety) or shop the colorful styles at Urban Outfitters

Pool Floats

This might be the Arizona girl in me…but…fun shaped pool floats! They were crazy popular last summer, I don’t see them slowing down this season. Help your girl get a jump on summer with a FUN way to tan. Being her bestie, you’ll definitely know which shapes/style she’ll adore.

Pool Floats for Birthday Gifts

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| Donut | Pineapple | Margarita | Popsicle | Watermelon |

These floats don’t have to break the bank shop Amazon, Toysplash, or Urban for great prices!

Framed Pictures

My favorite gift to receive from friends is pictures. Not only can they be cute (when all framed and collaged – done right), but they are also sentimental. It means so much more than any one “thing” you could buy. Pictures are mostly digital nowadays, but it’s special when they’re transferred to something tangible. So whether it’s one special moment or a collage of fun a friend is sure to enjoy memories of your time spent together!

Snapfish can be pretty reasonable for printing digital photos. Make this gift more fun with fun framing!

pictures in picture frames - great birthday gifts

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Scrabble Frame | Comic Frame | Clothespin Photo Garland | Glitter Frame | Acrylic Frame |

— Just add the photos —

 The Ultimate Birthday Gift – Friend Reunion

This is my favorite, and something I try for every year but have yet to accomplish: a friend reunion! Undoubtedly after college you and all your faves split up – so a great birthday gift is to plan a trip together. While this is an unconventional gift (you’re not buying them anything directly) – they will definitely appreciate the “vacation” and time spent with loved ones!

It doesn’t have to be a vacation, but even just a meet-up in one friend’s new home can be exciting! Explore the city together…or choose a great vacation spot to getaway (Vegas, Miami, New York, LA).


I know some of you are thinking “you’re too old for birthday gifts” — SHAME! You are never too old to get or give gifts for birthdays! Celebrate yourself…

What’s on your wishlist this year? Let me know in the comments!

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