Today I read a post on Where Did You Get That, explaining 4 different ways to wear/tie a structured blouse for Spring (you should check it out)! It left me feeling inspired, to do something different today. And at first I was trying to re-create her styles, but realized that wasn’t different! So I took my shirt styling in a different direction…and this is what I came up with. I wrapped my oversized gingham check shirt around my waist, creating a Gingham Check Skirt for Spring!

I am really happy with this styling trick discovery…that my shirt could double as two items! Especially since I have been debating purchasing a gingham check skirt and NOW I HAVE ONE! Clothing can be so versatile if you just give it a chance and play around. Sometimes I forget that style is fun, not about keeping up with the Jones’s, but about trying new things.

a wrap skirt outfit women united graphic statement tee

wearing a button down dress as a duster coat


a gingham shirt tied as a skirtwearing a button down red dress open

So the next time you’re feeling bored, or don’t know what to wear…picture an old piece in a new, different way! Try your shirts as skirts…but remember to be YOU! Don’t copy someone else because you think you should. Take inspiration from others and create your own version.

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| Gingham Check Shirt | Gingham Skirts | Graphic Tee | Western Belt | Lace-up Flats (similar) | Yellow Purse | Red Kimono | Red Trench Coat |

This season Pimkie is carrying a lot of Feminism graphic tees, with powerful messages. I’m obviously a fan (link above)! Unfortunately the brand is only available in a few European countries, but Feminist Apparel (US site) sells a lot of great stuff as well…It’s fun wearing clothes with a positive message.

Re-create my flats with this Ribbon DIY

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