I LOVE a great summer romper, but nothing is worse than buying a one-time use item! So…I improvise! You would never guess that this Feather Print Blouse is actually a romper.

The trick: finding the perfect fit of denim to not show wrinkles or creases from the tucked in shorts! A great pair of high waist boyfriend denim would be perfect, loose enough to hide all that extra material. Or if you’re like me you can pair it with some thick vintage Levi’s, so thick nothing shows through! High waist is key, especially if the romper has a cinched waist line, you don’t want to see the elastic band.

So the next time you pass on an item because you think it won’t get enough use…re-think ways to style it differently! Maybe it’ll become your most versatile piece!

a feather patterned outfit a tucked in feather top father pattern blouse Blouse tucked into denim outfit a feather romper tucked into jeans metallic booties and denim Black and Grey Feather Print Top

So we know a romper tucked in looks ok, but you’re probably asking how it feels. My first thought is “ew diaper butt”, but really its nothing. As long as you have the shorts smoothed down and tucked tight, it’s no different than wearing a body suit.¬†This style tip obviously applies to dresses too, but they’re surprisingly a little messier to cleanly tuck in (no middle seam). But a great summer dress can easily pass for a fun tank!

I’m pretty happy with this romper- feather print blouse transformation!

Would you style your romper as a blouse? Let me know in the comments!

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| Feather Print Top | Printed Romper | Levi’s Jeans (similar)¬†| Boyfriend Denim | Metallic Booties |

(This look was very hard to re-create. The romper is season’s passed and the denim is thrifted. But I have linked some great patterned romper options as well as two perfect denim styles to pull off this look!)

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