Spring is here, which means winter is behind us! For most of us this means time for celebration! Cold weather is in the past and it’s time to break out those off-the-shoulder tops. But some aren’t jumping for joy. There are those who LOVE the cold (WHY?!?!) and others who are still experiencing cold weather (sorry folks). So for those cold lovers and people stuck in winter weather heres some inspiration: a round-up of My Favorite Winter Outfits!

For me this is a farewell, an ode to this winter, which was my first spent in a cold-weather area (where it snows). I wanted to remember these good times and commemorate all the hardwork put into curating each outfit! Here’s to WINTER…

I’ve Got the Blues

This outfit holds many memories from my Trip to Norway! But more so, it was my first time styling this blue button down. This outfit broke the boundary between me and blue (which I always hated). And since, this shirt has come to be one of my wardrobe staples. This outfit was the spark that ignited the fire! Shop the Look

 Long Layers with Leggings

This was possibly my FAVORITE outfit (out of this top 5 list). It felt so ME and was extremely comfortable! I basically lived in this black beanie all winter, and add that to my go-to cargo jacket…perfection. This outfit was awesome because every piece was basic: beanie, white tee, denim shirt, cargo jacket, leggings, black boots….but together they made something interesting! Shop the Look

 Cape Coat & Blanket Scarf

I remember styling this outfit like it was yesterday. This was the first day of really cold weather and I was so excited to finally break out this cape-coat with my new blanket scarf! This outfit was a little preppy for my average style, but was a fave. It also was SUPER warm. You can never go wrong in cold weather with a blanket scarf layered under a coat!! Shop the Look

 Casual Mondaze

This outfit was a favorite everyday-casual look. Another time when I was excited to break out last season’s coat (that I had never worn). I also finally had found some reconstructed denim! And I loved adding an extra touch with this vintage gold belt. This styling is also so accessible and easy to replicate for everyday. Shop the Look

 Puffer Bomber Jacket

 To my followers it’s no secret that I love thrift shopping…and my favorite find from winter has to be this Puffer Bomber Jacket! It was so fun, especially with the electric blue lining. This jacket was perfect paired with my vintage Metallica shirt and some casual sneakers. A puffer bomber and band tee are staples to a cold-weather wardrobe. Shop the Look

Whatever reason brings you to this article: a final look at winter style, or inspiration for the months ahead, I hope you enjoyed!

Which is your favorite look? Let me know in the comments!

Stay tuned this week for Spring madness!!!

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