There’s nothing better than a graphic sweatshirt! And while Spring has Sprung its not time to ditch these cozy tops just yet. Pair your favorite sweatshirts with shorts to be able to wear them all the way ’til Summer! Check out how I styled my favorite graphic sweatshirt today…

This grey graphic sweatshirt is one of my favorites! I purchased it from Monki in Oslo and have basically lived in it ever since. It’s my go-to throw on when I’m out running errands. The best part is obviously the graphic: ‘Please Yo’ Self’…the sexual innuendo is so FUN. But more than that, I LOVE the idea behind it. Yes, we should all please ourselves, and do what makes us happy!

What makes me happy? Wearing sweatshirts even when it’s warmer out!

Sweatshirt with cut off shorts please yo self graphic sweatshirt a graphic sweatshirt and shorts please yo self sweatshirt A graphic sweatshirt with shorts and boots graphic sweatshirt spring outfit grey sweatshirt with shortsI took my sweatshirt’s advice today and pleased myself with a matching Raspberry Yogurt Ice Cream Cone! And by wearing my favorite graphic sweatshirt…How will you please yourself today? Let me know in the comments!

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This sweatshirt is no longer available, but I linked to some fun grey graphic sweatshirts!

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