Spring is here, bringing with it open toes and barer feet! Yes, I am referring to SANDALS. Spring is the best for many reasons: bright colors, floral prints, and less coverage, but best of all…sandals. I LOVE finding that perfect pair to flaunt your pedicured toes. But…this season I am having trouble. I have pictured the perfect colors, shapes, and styles but can’t find ANY. So I had to dig deeper and decided I would help you in your search by sharing mine. Today I am giving you my treasure trove of this season’s most covetable Spring Sandals.

Buy one, buy two…buy them ALL! It’ll be worth it, after all Spring 2017 only comes once.

 Before you dive into this list I should warn you…I had a bit of a shoe awakening recently. During this awakening I realized my shoe choices as of late have been too mild, boring, and safe. So I am trying to shake things up with only stand out footwear. Whether that is in color, style, or whatever doesn’t matter, they just have to POP in some way.

That being said…it has been hard to find what I am searching for at a decent price range. Fast fashion stores are always a little behind on the season’s trends, waiting to see what is going to blow up. So I had to search in alternative areas to find things that were exciting, but not over budget!


Bright colors are an exciting part of switching to Spring. Your shoes should be no exception. Kick your spring outfits up a notch by color-blocking outfits with solid-colored bright sandals!

Orange & Green are PERFECT for Spring time.


I don’t care what any one says, I will always LOVE flatforms. All the height of a platform sandal with none of the pain!

What better styles than Sailor inspired or bright Fuchsia suede.

Hues of Blue

Blue is a great spring time color. And it leaves so many options. Choose cobalt or a denim sandal to start spring with a BANG!

Really POP with a lace-up sandal or an embroidered denim sandal.


Every girl wants a little height! Do it right in spring with a wedge sandal…height can be comfortable!

Try a multi-colored lace-up version or stay classic with a nude cork wedge.


Everything is always better with extra! So spice up your sandals this season with embellishments.

Try red fringe detailing or bright pink pom-poms.

Which sandal style is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!