My first week in London was spent working inside the British Museum with Caleb. And then we spent that weekend sightseeing London’s many monuments and iconic places. With all the major sights out of the way I spent my second week exploring London. Sightseeing and exploring seem to be the same, but while sightseeing we merely took photos and moved on to the next destination. And when I say exploring London I mean wandering through places and seeing the other things London has to offer.

Our Airbnb was right around the corner from King’s Cross Station. So, most of our adventures started from here. Being a Harry Potter fan, I loved wandering through King’s Cross. And of course we took many photos at the Platform 9 and 3/4 set up!

View of King's Cross Station

We used the tube frequently! It’s a great way to travel around London, but definitely not cheap! I loved the Westminster stop because it had the 3-D tube station sing vs. the one dimensional versions at less iconic stops.

Tube stop at Westminster

London Fashion Week was occurring during our first weekend in London and the second weekend was London Fashion Week Festival. While I didn’t attend fashion week, we did pass by and capture a shot of all the Animal Rights Activists protesting the use of fur in fashion. It was an intense scene. We found irony in the fact that the speaker appeared to be wearing leather Dr. Martins…which we all know leather = animal skin!

I did purchase tickets to the London Fashion Week Festival where we went through rooms of vendors selling designer or pre-sale products! Suprisinlgly, I pre-ordered an embroidered tulle dress, and I can’t wait for it to arrive! We attended two different panel discussions. The first was a panel of influencers (bloggers) discussing the role of social media within the community, their discussion was very interesting. The second talk I attended consisted of various fashion editors. It was informative of what a fashion editor is and does and how to break into the industry!

It wouldn’t be a true trip to London without SHOPPING! And after seeing all the amazing fashions from London Fashion Week Festival, it was necessary to quench my fashion thirst. We started our shopping excursion down Oxford Street, but quickly found ourselves on Carnaby Street! Which was amazing! I loved the SOHO area the most. They had great dining and fun boutiques to shop through. Just look at that sign, of course this area was the best!!Shopping down Carnaby Street

One of my favorite parts about traveling is the chance to try new food, traditional to the area. So, of course this included trying a meat pie as well as fish & chips from a local pub! This meal was DELICIOUS! As were all of our meals while in London. We ate burgers from Byron, that made your mouth melt. Buffalo wings from Absurd Bird, finally satisfying that craving. Our first night in London we satisfied our Mexican craving at Las Iguanas. London is a foodie’s dream city!

Delicious Pub Pot Pie

During our second week we celebrated Caleb’s birthday! And of course, being the lovable nerd that he is, he wanted to spend it exploring the British Museum (which he’s been to many times before).  We walked through their many exhibits, especially interested in the Egyptian exhibit, preparing ourselves for our adventure in the coming weeks! If you like museums, you need to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum. It took us a few days to get through everything we wanted to see, which was only a few rooms and two special exhibits! So plan wisely for your trip! We saw the “So You Say You Want A Revolution?” &  ” Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear” and both were FANTASTIC!

The British Museum

It wouldn’t be a trip to London without an iconic Red Phone Booth photo. I found this row around the corner from Trafalgar Square and new this photo would be perfect to sum up a trip to London.

Iconic London Red Phone Booth

Our last day was spent walking through Hyde Park and Kensington Garden. The park was AMAZING, not to mention the weather cooperated perfectly! We came across this large monument created to honor Prince Consort Albert, husband to Queen Victoria. The monument was amazing, with each corner having a statue symbolic of the main countries colonized by the British (America, Africa, Asia, Europe). And look at that amazingly blue sky!

We journeyed through the park to Kensington Garden in search of the statue of Peter Pan. After seeing the illuminated Big Ben that fairy tale was all I could dream of, quintessentially London. Admiring this statue and the swans that paddle through the adjacent lake was the perfect ending to a wonderful two weeks in London!

Peter Pan Statue in Hyde Park

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