Did you ever play with Where’s Waldo books as a kid? I know I did, and I was great a spotting that striped fool. Maybe thats what drew me to this turtleneck, subconscious memories of my childhood! Whatever the case, this sweater excited me from the moment I saw it. That is why I had to buy it when Zara had their end of season blow out! But, I have had a hard time trying to style it…

Today I decided to throw caution to the wind, and finally wear this guy before the weather won’t allow. And with my new found creativity I styled it in a way I never expected…with an army green jacket! Let’s see Waldo do that!

Two weeks ago I would’ve never worn a green/red combo (unless festive Christmas attire). But now, what the heck! And boy am I glad, not only was this outfit so comfortable, it actually looked awesome! Who would’ve thought? Maybe Christmas knows what its doing after all!

striped turtleneck and jacket red striped turtleneck army jacket and striped turtleneck ripped knee black skinny jeans striped turtleneck red and cream striped turtleneck

striped sleeves

In many ways this outfit was a break from what I normally wear, but thats perfect! I am starting to see that sense of creativity I found doing my Jeans Cleanse. While this outfit is not super crazy or wild in the silhouette or pieces, it is a strange color combination! Hey, you don’t jump into cold water…one toe at a time. So far I like what I feel (see?).

What’s the weirdest color combination you’ve ever worn? Let me know in the comments!

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