It’s finally over. My jeans cleanse has come to a close (7 days without wearing denim) and so its time for My Jeans Cleanse Recap.  The results may surprise you! I know what happened surprised me.For those of you just tuning in, this cleanse was about learning to love my body. Lately, jeans have been the one item that brings me to shame myself for that donut yesterday, or ice cream after dinner. I hoped that excluding them from my outfits for a week would help me put my body into perspective. And to realize that its the jeans fitting my body wrong, not my body fitting the jeans wrong. (Read: No Jeans Challenge)

Well…the project was a success…kind of. Not once in the week did I stand in front of the mirror and think negative thoughts about my body. However, this could be because I was staying at an Airbnb that did not contain a full body mirror. Regardless, the project taught me that while I have gained weight my body is still awesome. And while the outfits I wore may not have been the most flattering, they made me feel great! One day I even had the courage to show my belly, and the next wear a short shirt dress! Now I realize that my body is not the issue, but that the cut of the jeans is the issue.

The ill-fit of the denim is probably due to the quality of the jeans I am purchasing. So I’ve decided its time for a new era, one where I spend more than $40 on my denim. I realize that with this new “adult” body its time to grow up and buy things that fit well, even if that means spending more money and in consequence buying less. My new mantra: Quality over Quantity! In fact, this cleanse showed me how frivolous I am. When I opened my close to curate my jean-less looks, I found MORE than a weeks worth of alternative pants (joggers, slim pants, leggings etc.), most of which I have worn 1-2 times. Moving forward my goal is to regularly switch up my denim bottoms for alternative leg wear. Which brings me to the actual success of this project…CREATIVITY!

While I didn’t have had any deep revelations about my body or weight gain, I did come to a realization about my style. I realized I lack confidence in myself. When I style an outfit I often try new combinations, but immediately discard them as too weird or different. I then opt for a “safe” choice of the classic uniform of jeans + a top. But this week, in  “forcing” myself to style outfits that weren’t this usual combo, I came up with some of my favorite looks yet! And while these outfits weren’t crazy, they were very different for me.

Now I realize that I should embrace my creativity. You can’t go wrong with style, and if I feel great in an outfit I will have the confidence to rock it! As I build confidence in my styling choices my creativity will expand. In this expansion I hope to move further away from normal and curate outfits that inspire difference and creativity (which suits my personality). This challenge made me realize that mixing things up can be SOOOO fun!

While My Jeans Cleanse may not have fulfilled the purpose for which is was created, it still fulfilled me. It caused me to do something different. Which sparked my creativity and gave me the confidence to embrace my true style!

Jeans Cleanse Recap – Outfits:

Cleanse Day 1

Cleanse Day 2

Cleanse Day 3 

Cleanse Day 4 

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