Day 4 of My Jeans Cleanse is TODAY! I am so excited to start the week off strong with this Grunge Inspired Look for Monday! So its technically the 6th day of my challenge (I participated in my cleanse over the weekend, but didn’t document it) and I must admit to defeat yesterday…sorry guys. Yesterday was sooooo cold and rainy, I needed to keep warm and dry for my day of adventure. (one thing I’ve learned from this cleanse: denim is VERY warm, especially on windy days). Regardless, today I’m picking up where I left off in this Grunge Inspired Look.

I love the grunge style of layering a rock band graphic tee with a plaid or flannel shirt. But instead of pairing with the classic look of destroyed denim, I chose a pair of tailored textured slim pants. I added a pair of metallic booties for an extra POP. And while this outfit appears to have a lot going on, it perfectly displays my personality. It’s a little edgy added with a little quirk and clean lines!

I love this look! Especially the mix of disheveled-ness on the top half paired with the tailored clean lines of the pants. It was such a contrast and created an interesting outfit. Caleb thought this look had too much and urged me to wear a plain white tee (which would have looked equally as great) but I love everything going on!  It makes this outfit stand out! Another day of style creativity. I hope this new found creativity continues after I reintroduce jeans into my outfits! Style and fashion is fun and should be reflected as such in your daily wear. As long as I feel confident, I know I look great!

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| Rock Band Tee | Plaid Shirt | Slim Pants | Metallic Booties |

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