Day 3 of the Jeans Cleanse is HERE! And it is more fabulous than ever! While Day 1 stepped outside my box of normal and Day 2 ditched pants altogether, Day 3 got really funky in this Mix & Match Pastel Outfit!  I have to be honest, this outfit combination was not originally intended, but I was happily surprised with the outcome.

Originally, I planned on wearing these booties & pants (from Zara) with a plain white t-shirt. Which is a little more my usual style. However, my steamer blew up all over my shirt (note: don’t tilt steamers while using them), accidents happen, and my shirt was drenched. So, I had to find a substitute. But, I am currently staying in London and have limited options for clothing. I quickly picked up this graphic sweatshirt from Bershka and ran out the door.

While color blocking is unusual for me, I was so inspired by the outfit! It was so different, but felt SO right! I love that this jeans cleanse is causing me to step outside my comfort zone and develop my style further.

I won’t lie and say this outfit made me feel great about my body. This oversized sweatshirt covers any signs of a body underneath. I can say that I felt confident in this outfit, which is more than I usually say in jeans. It may not have been showing the goods in any way, but it wasn’t displaying them poorly either.

This outfit is full of newly purchased items from London. These pants from Zara are awesome. While they don’t do much here, paired with another top they would accentuate all the right places! I especially love the sides slits that create great movement! These booties are another new addition. I finally caved to the metallics trend! I never thought I would like silver (I am a gold girl all the way), but I am in LOVE! They are so chic and comfortable!! Zara shoes are officially my favorite!

This challenge was undergone with the intention of increasing my confidence in my body. But, halfway through my outfit choices aren’t sparking a love for my figure, because most of them are covering it up under loose items. However, not once have I stood in the mirror and thought something negative about my body. Instead, the creativity this challenge is requiring (for styling) is causing confidence of a different kind. A confidence in my style and to do something outside normal! My outfit choices are becoming a little truer to my quirkiness as a person!

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