It’s Day 2 of my Jeans Cleanse…and it’s another successful day! My Jeans Cleanse Day 1 went amazing and I was expecting nothing less of Day 2!Today was a fun day because I decided if I can’t wear jeans, why wear pants at all? Styling without pants is a great alternative when your favorite pants are getting you down! So today I created a dress look to get out of wearing pants. I wore one of Caleb’s button down shirts and rocked it as a shirt dress! Paired with over the knee suede boots you couldn’t even tell. And I spent the day in a comfortable shirt dress outfit that was easy and breezy.

This outfit may not have been the most flattering, but it did inspire confidence within me. Because I LOVED my outfit, I loved myself in it! Looking great makes you feel great! Part of the outfit’s appeal was the no pants; it’s always fun to change things up. The creativity in my style that this cleanse is inspiring is reigniting my love of styling & wardrobe! I also LOVE these new boots from Mango. It’s my first time wearing over-the-knee boots and they’re GREAT! A sexy addition to any casual look like this shirt dress! The boots helped to elevate this look and create a put together outfit.

 The confidence this outfit inspired in me was AMAZING! I was practically strutting down the streets walking from point to point. I encourage everyone to try styling without pants for a day, see what you come up with!

What no jeans outfit combo do you want to see me style? Let me know in the comments!

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| Men’s Button Linen Down Shirt (similar) | Denim Trucker Jacket (similar) | Tan Over-the-Knee Boots |

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