Styling men’s wear into my looks is my best (not so) kept secret.

Well into any fashion season things can start to feel blah and everything in my closet feels boring. As a result of this feeling I go shopping, but it seems like I have everything in the store even though I obviously don’t. All the clothing feels played out and similar to items I own. So the question is: How do you add variety when there isn’t any? Well, you create it! And a great way to create variety in your wardrobe is by styling men’s wear pieces into your outfits!

Guidelines to Styling Men’s Wear — Categorized by Item


Wearing men’s wear may seem abnormal and hard to do, but trust me it’s easy. However to help kick start your efforts I’m providing you with men’s wear style inspiration. Below I have outlined broad guidelines to help you style men’s wear into your wardrobe (shop my TOP men’s items here).

1. T-Shirts


 Start simple with a tee. Everyone loves t-shirts and you can never have too many, so why not? In addition men’s t-shirts offer variety with different styles, graphics, colors, and shapes. You can wear them oversized as a great dress option or stay small, but you can never go wrong with a tee! The main point is that there will be options not available in a women’s version and that’s where the opportunity lies!

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2. Button Down Shirts


You may be wondering why you would want a men’s button down when women’s versions exist. While women’s button downs are great because they are often tailored and famine, sometimes for a casual look it’s great to have the opposite. Along with a looser fit men’s shirts come in masculine patterns, which can create a great style aesthetic to a casual outfit! A men’s button down can also be styled open as an extra layering piece overtop a tee, which in warmer weather can replace a light jacket!

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3. Sweaters (Sweatshirts)


 I find men’s sweaters and sweatshirts to be great options when it comes to creating dress looks! Especially because women’s collections don’t always offer a huge variety of these items, but pick any men’s version in a large size and you have instant dress! They also look great in a smaller size as an alternative to a women’s version.

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4. Jackets


Choosing a men’s jacket seems strange, but it can be a great option if you’re like me and don’t always feel like wearing a jacket, even though it is necessary. So instead of layering on another coat, drape one over shoulders. This is when a men’s oversized version is great because it’s large enough to create a cocoon around you so it never slips off! And then sometimes I just want something oversized and longer. Of course you can’t forget Men’s Denim Trucker Jackets, they’re a great addition to any outfit!

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5. Jeans


This option is by far the boldest. It seems wrong to wear men’s jeans, because you’re not a man and don’t have the proper equipment to fill them out. However this is part of what makes them perfect! I love a thick structured denim in a higher waist line and most women’s jeans come in thin stretchy material (albeit higher waisted). Almost all men’s denim is thick and structured and the longer crotch allows them to be worn high. I recommend trying it at least once, you never know what you’ll find!

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As you can see, I love styling men’s wear into everyday outfits to create variety in my wardrobe! Especially since my boyfriend’s closet is as big as mine, which means soooo much variety. The trick with styling men’s wear items is to just try everything. As long as you are confident in your outfit nothing can go wrong.

Would you style men’s wear into your outfits? Let me know in the comments!