It’s no surprise that I LOVE to raid Caleb’s closet. It’s kind of like having my own persona boutique open 24/7. Beyond this, I always advocate for shopping  the men’s section in stores. Fashion is becoming more and more unisex/gender neutral and even though stores still discern between the sexes you, doesn’t mean this gender fluidity disappears. Shirts, tees, jeans etc. are neutral pieces that (if you can find your size) are amazing goodies to discover! This is one instance where the grass is always greener on the other side. Embrace fashion’s fluidity, don’t put boundaries on your style, make your wardrobe limitless.

Today I’m here to help you. Here is a roundup of my favorite men’s wear pieces to shop at the moment!

Forever 21 Men

Forever 21 is a great stop for edgier men’s options: hoodies, graphics, and all things denim. They’re men’s sizes tend to run pretty small, which is perfect for finding a great fit in a men’s piece.

1. I came across this Distressed Denim Shirt a couple of weeks ago and haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. I love wearing men’s denim shirts as a light jacket layer, and what is more fun than distressed denim! I love the raw hem.

2. A Floral Hoodie is a perfect testament to my point! Florals for a man! But this makes the sweatshirt that much greater…rock this in a larger size as a dress or buy it to fit and wear as a great hoodie for a casual day!

3. Emoji’s rule our lives now, why shouldn’t they be on our clothes? I love this Emoji Sweater, the bright blue and that alien face pattern, who could resist? (this one may be a little out there for most, but in an XS this would be a woman’s size small and fit perfectly)

H&M Men

H&M is a great place to buy the basics. They too often have smaller sizes that adapt well for wear by women. I love to look through the men’s graphic tees, and sweaters!

1. This Marble Knit Sweater is amazing. Everyone loves the look of a marbled table or counter. We even accessorize our electronics with the print, well now we can bring it to our clothing. The black and white is so clean with the marbled look making it fresh!

2. The Revolt Graphic Tee has everything you could as for in a graphic. The t-shirt looks amazing, with the rolled hem neckline and red/white large graphic! It looks so soft and comfortable, less fitted than a woman’s version (I hate fitted tees, loose is always better).

3. You can never have too many sweatshirts. Build up your collection with this great Club Member Sweatshirt. I love the speckled fabric with the small, center stage, printed graphic of “club member”. Because aren’t we all members?

Urban Outfitters Men

The place for all things vintage! Urban outfitters is always the best when it comes to great t-shirts, hoodies, and button downs. They’re sizes tend to run a little bit closer to men’s fits…so most things you will get will need to be appropriate for being worn oversized!

1. A Tiger Print Shirt is a perfect top for a fun vacation outfit. It’s tropical and a great lightweight option for warm weather. It would be great tucked into some fun distressed denim shorts. Leave is a little untucked for a blouse effect!

2. Everyone loves distressing in their clothing. This Destroyed Tee is no exception. Pair this shirt with a fun bralette to peek out from the gaping holes!

3. This Pink Embroidered Crew Neck Sweatshirt! Need I say more…its pink, its embroidered, and its a crew neck…check, check, check! Its perfect with a pair of jeans and white sneakers…so cute.

As you can see men’s clothing has a lot to offer a woman’s wardrobe when it comes to denim overshirts, fun graphic tees, sweaters, sweatshirts, and even fun tropical print short sleeve button downs! The possibilities are endless. So remember…next time you are shopping, to cross that invisible boundary and color outside the lines when it comes to your style! Empower yourself by breaking boundaries!!

Which item would you wear? Let me know in the comments!

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