Our last day in Fes started like the day before, with a homemade breakfast in our beautiful hotel courtyard! After eating we set out for a whole new set of adventures. This time with a plan to travel outside the old city and make our way to the Fez Royal Palace!

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Like the other days, we had to travel down the winding roads of the old city in order to start from Bab Boujloud. On our way we saw so many donkeys! They were all so cute, carrying goods to set up the shops this morning.

We started from Bab Boujloud again and started to make our way to the Palace today…our final destination. We cam across another Bab (gate) and the borders of the old city wall. It created a large courtyard, where this Saturday they were having a flea market! We perused the market a bit, but ultimately decided to be on our way. We could’ve stayed to look around more, but most everything was just heaped into piles that neither of us had the energy to dig through.

We stopped on our way to the palace at a terrace cafe to enjoy a light meal (lunch). The views from up here were AMAZING! You could see the whole city, and down into the Jardin Jnan Sbil right across the street.

After seeing the beautiful garden from our lunch spot we knew we had to go visit. It was breathtaking! All the landscape so perfectly kept and various plant life to admire. To the left of this fountain way was a fun bamboo garden, and immediately before a palm tree walkway! We ventured on further to find a cactus garden (reminded me of home) and a Great Lake on the other side! The Jardin Jnan Sbil is a must when visiting Fes…so tranquil, a beautiful place to spend an afternoon.

We continued on in the opposite direction of our previous travels. Arriving at another large gate through the old city wall! We were about to exit out of the old city.

On our way to the Palace we came across another market. This one seemed to be geared more toward locals. The shops were filled with everyday goods and food, with less people hassling you to stop and buy. It was great to see the more natural side of living in the old city, the way locals do things!

After making our way through what seemed like an endless market, we finally arrived at the Royal Palace of Fez (Dar el Makhzen). The golden doors!!! We were lucky because it was off season for touring Fes, so there was no crowd and we had the doors all to ourselves!! I wanted so badly to just start banging the door knockers (they were just so enormous and enticing)!

Around the corner from the Palace is an old, historic Synagogue (Ibn Danan Synagogue). I need whoever decorated this historic building to come do my place! It was beautiful…with the wooden, antique furniture against the teal chevron and white tiled floor. And then the accented mint walls and pillars! The lighting fixtures were all so gorgeous too…I could’ve spent all day in here.

We were able to see the original Torah kept in a cabinet in the room. Then we walked downstairs to see the “well” where women are washed for marriage. Afterwords we went upstairs to the balcony area where women would sit gazing down at the men below. After having our fill of the Synagogue we went all the way up to the terrace, which had breathtaking views of the city around. You could even see the building that comprised the old city, where we were staying!

After seeing all the sights we had set out for, we decided to head back to our hotel (as most things were closing up early for Saturday). We stopped in at a nice restaurant, where we sat on the rooftop terrace and enjoyed some beers! We eventually made our way back to Palace Mokri, after stopping to get some souvenirs. We ate dinner that night in the tourist area, on another patio overlooking Bab Boujloud.

This was another day full of adventure…and walking, walking, walking! It was such an amazing end to a wonderful vacation!

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