I always try to not dress too preppy…it just doesn’t embody my style as far as what I want to portray to people. However, it is hard during the colder seasons to escape the classic collared shirt and sweater layered look. With that in mind I try to change it up a little to feel more “me”. This is how…

Instead of taking a classic fitted/tailored button down, I chose to use an under layer of an oversized shirt. While this didn’t necessarily create the most slimming silhouette, it did create more of a messy look (more apropo for my style). I also chose a checked pattern shirt  vs. a classic solid color to add another element. And instead of a clean, sleek sweater I opted for a baggy graphic sweatshirt! This definitely took the prep vibe right out of this outfit combination and updated the classic look.  Adding a beanie, destroyed jeans, and sneakers topped off the look and what started as a preppy combo quickly turned into something completely my own!

I love Pull&Bear for their Graphic Sweatshirts!

I’m not always sure how to sum up my style into words. But I do know that preppy is not it! With these swaps I took the prep right out of this outfit and put in a lot more distress & mess, which are definitely words closer to describing my style!

How would you describe your style? Let me know in the comments!

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