As some of you may know, I am not used to living in cold weather like here in Bochum (a.k.a. snow). Living the past 6 years in Arizona I had really gotten used to warm weather year-round, with the occasional cold months (meaning you had to wear a light jacket and sweater). Thus, I am not used to having to wear multiple layers to be comfortable (what a contradiction, multiple layers for comfort!).

As I approach my 4th month living in cold I have become bored with the usual/classic layering (sweater over a shirt, turtleneck under a button down etc.) I figured if I’ve grown bored with the usual, I’m sure so have you! So the other day I started playing around with layering…creating outfits is the funnest (yeah I said funnest). Today I decided to share some outfit boards with you that show these alternative layers that I came up with!

For these fun layers you won’t need anything new, just your imagination…try new combinations of your classic winter basics!

1. A Sweater

I always thought of sweaters as the last layer, the top piece! Basically come winter you swap out a shirt/tee for a sweater as your main top option. Well yesterday I started to think…WHY? Why couldn’t your sweater be the layer that comes under your shirt…maybe one with a chunky turtleneck to pop up from under, or one with statement sleeves to wear under a tank top, or just a simple layer underneath a sheer button down! The options are endless, just reverse the layers!

Layer your flowing tank tops over your chunky sweater! Shop the Look

Not only is this something different, which is always fun, but it brings different textures to your look! Instead of just having on a sweater (knit) and jeans, now you’ve added shoulder ties, off the shoulder, and ruffles from the pleated fabric! This look is a little extreme, for something simpler try it with a silk cami and a thin lightweight sweater!

2. A Turtleneck

So I think we all agree that turtlenecks are the BEST layering piece for winter…they’re thin, but trap in all your heat (no exposed flesh is the goal). While I wouldn’t go so far as to swap your turtleneck to the front layer, I would opt for layering my turtleneck with something other than the usual: sweater, t-shirt, button down. Instead try layering your favorite summer pieces overtop a turtleneck, expand your wardrobe for winter! Try your turtleneck with your favorite cami, or off-the-shoulder, even a strapless!

Layer your off-the-shoulder tops over your turtlenecks! Shop the Look

Gone are the times of storing away all your summer favorites. Pull out all your tropical/bright printed tanks, tubes, and whatever else tops and layer them over your sleek turtleneck. Who says winter had to be dull? Make it fun by living tropically year round! Forever 21 has great off-the-shoulder options right now!

3. A Button Down Shirt

Shirts in winter become the bottom layer or basic piece. You wear them under your sweater, under a jacket. Or you layer them over a turtleneck, but inevitably they end up under something else to create insulation.  But what about layering your shirts together? What’s wrong with two button downs layered, your crop top over your button down, or a great neckline detailed shirt under a button down! Forget the winter pieces altogether…just let your shirts layer until your warm.

Layer a Button Down over a Lace-Up Top. Shop the Look

Bring your button downs out from under…make them the top layer. Take a shirt with a detail on the neckline (remember your lace-up tops from last year) and layer it underneath. Undo the buttons to display the neckline of the undershirt! Doubled up shirts, a new way to layer! H&M carries an array of basic button down shirts for women.

Would you try any of these alternative layering options? Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!