I’ve been waiting for winter’s arrival…in anticipation of buying a leather jacket. Well, winter is here and there is still no leather jacket in my closet! I just can’t seem to commit to one, due to the hefty price tag (although I fully recommend splurging on one, they are so warm and a great addition to any outfit).

This outfit called for a leather jacket though, so naturally I wore Caleb’s…which of course he has never worn (so at least it FINALLY got some use)…it perfectly draped across my shoulders creating a leather canon of warmth!


This outfit only further convinced me that I NEED to get my own leather jacket! What an addition to an outfit it makes! Next shopping trip: I have my eye on the prize…

| Men’s Leather Jacket | Red & Black Plaid Shirt | Reconstructed Denim | Rose Patch (DIY Patch Stitching) | Patent Leather Loafers | Gold Bar Necklace |

What jacket style is on your wishlist this winter? Let me know in the comments!