Some of you may remember this sweater from my Tie-Sleeve DIY, but the BEST thing about DIY clothing enhancements…they can be undone (usually with ease).

So today I wasn’t feeling the tie sleeve detail…I quickly ripped the stitching out and took off the ribbon (no harm done). To add some fun accessorizing to this oversized sweater and jeans I wrapped one ribbon around my neck for a matching choker and the other I used to tie a bow around one ankle!

Ribbon can be your best asset when it comes to accessorizing an outfit!


Tip: Match your chokers to your sweaters by using ribbon! Just wrap it around and tie in a bow!
Tip: Ribbon is a great & cheap accessory! Wrap a bow around your leg like you would a neck scarf!


This sweater was a cheap thrift store find…intended for use as a DIY project. But it has easily become one of my comfiest and favorites to wear! I have linked below two plum sweater options that I LOVE that are available online (they are quite different though I must admit).

| Oversized Plum Sweater | Plum Sweater | Skinny Ankle Jeans | Black Wellies | Plum Ribbon | Pink Gem Ring |

How would you accessorize with ribbon? Let me know in the comments!