We’re well into the New Year!! Hoorayyy….and with that comes resolutions, which usually include tidying up/purging for a fresh start.

There’s plenty of blogs out there (around this time) telling you how to clean out your closet and get ready for a new year full of new styles! While the point of this closet purge is to clear out space and minimize (declutter) your life (wardrobe)…it’s usually followed by more purchases to fill the gaps and renew your style.

I’m here to help you with that: renewing your style for the new year, a closet update if you will.  But what if this could be done without purging your things, and then spending MORE money just to replace them (let’s be honest, if you throw out one item you usually replace it with something very similar)!

— Simple DIY Changes —

Below are simple DIY articles to help you update your old items to make them feel fresh and sooo this year!

Tie-Sleeve Sweater


Why get rid of that big, oversized sweater you always lounge in? Instead get some ribbon and re-create the item with this easy Tie-Sleeve Sweater DIY.

Slash Neck (Deep-V) Tee

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We all have pajama shirts or oversized tees. Don’t trash them when cleaning out your closet. Instead get in on the distressed tee trend. Create a Slash Neck (Deep-V) Tee.

Raw Hem Denim


Maybe you’re over a certain denim leg shape. Instead of trashing your old pair and splurging on something new cut the hem off to create the ever trending Raw Hem Denim.

Embroidered Patch Jeans


If your jeans are feeling old don’t get rid of them. Revamp them with this easy Embroidered Patch Jeans tutorial.

Scarf Handle Purse


Everyone has an old purse they’ve stopped using. Make it feel new again by re-creating it as a Scarf Handle Purse.

Ballet Inspired Lace-Up Flats

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If your lace-up flats are feeling so last year don’t trade them in for an updated ballet addition. Use this simple Lace-Up Flats DIY to create a ballet inspired pair.

Lace-Up Sandals


And, in anticipation for spring, turn your slides or mules into Lace-Up Espadrilles!

Alternative Ways to Wear —

Below are articles showing you alternative ways to style your older items to make them feel fresh and on-trend!

Tall Riding Style Boots

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I know your tall boots feel outdated this season. But check out this Tall Boots Update to see fun new ways to wear these classics…who doesn’t need another pair of boots!

A Flannel Button Down Shirt


Your flannel shirt has been in your wardrobe forever. Maybe you’re thinking it’s time for something new. Instead of spending money to replace it, wear A Flannel Shirt as a Skirt.

Long Hem Cardigan


We all have too many long cardigans from last season. Use this Long Hem Cardigan Style Trick to make them feel fresh into the New Year.

Summer Dresses

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Don’t go tossing any dresses just yet. Use this guide to wear Dresses in Winter.


For those items you HAVE to HAVE, that can’t be made from existing pieces, try searching for them (or similar styles) in thrift stores. It’s a great way to save money, and what better way to kick off the New Year than with SAVINGS!!

My Guide to Thrifting