Leggings paired with an oversized denim button down shirt — nothing gets better than that combinations! I haven’t worn a denim shirt in a while…and WOW I don’t know why!! I forgot how great of layering pieces they are, and so comfortable.

Even when I don’t wear jeans I still find a way to incorporate denim into my look.


This jacket may not be very thick, but layering with a denim shirt, thick leggings, and warm boots/socks made for a great wintery day outfit!
Tip: Make your middle layer longer…it adds interest with the tiered fabric!


Cover up sleepy eyes and a bad hair day with a beanie & sunglasses.


This outfit seriously reinvigorated my LOVE for denim shirts & made me realize my tall boots aren’t dead…it gave new life to old items!

| Cargo Army Jacket | Men’s Denim Shirt | White Tee | Leather Leggings | Tall Boots | Gem Necklace (similar) | Round Sunglasses | Black Beanie |

What’s your favorite way to style a denim shirt? Let me know in the comments!