It snowed this week!! And the snow brought with it a cold I had never experienced. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in snow before (snowboarding and on vacation) but on those occasions I was bundled up for the snow…in a way that you don’t bundle up for a regular day.

And while I have a coat (only one really solid winter coat) I felt bored with it and didn’t want to wear the same thing…again.

The solution for most would be to start building a great coat collection, and to most I would say DO IT! But seeing as I will only be living in a cold weather city for this year (and then we go back to Tucson) I just don’t see the point of investing in numerous heavy coats that will be put into storage within 6 months.

I could justify an initial coat purchase because the weather here is soooo cold and I needed it, but now I will have one great jacket for traveling to colder cities! But beyond this one (unless its a steal) I just can’t justify spending the money.

However, Caleb has not felt the same way and has collected quite an array of bombers and jackets this season…that’s why to keep warm today and add something new to my outfit, I decided to wear his embroidered bomber jacket. It added just the pop my outfit needed, kept me warm. Even though he is so much larger than me, the bomber was perfect as an oversized jacket just draped along my shoulders!

This jacket’s embroidery was the perfect addition to my mustard outfit! It added a little graphic and extra colors.


Tip: keep accessories dainty with loose knits like scarves and sweaters, embellishments run the risk of snagging your items.


This jacket worn draped was surprisingly warm and due to the large size, it stayed hung really well while simultaneously covering me up like a cocoon (unlike a smaller sized bomber).


Added some extra warmth with a great blanket scarf…I like to drape my scarves and let them hang…it keeps my body (exposed by my open jacket) warm along with my neck!

Next time you’re shopping pop on over to the men’s section and check out their bombers…try one on as an oversized version!

Embroidered Bomber Jacket | Mustard Sweater | Scarf (similar color) (similar style/material) | Express Slim Jeans | Cream Sneakers (similar) | Gold Ring Set |

Would you wear an oversized bomber? How would you style it? Let me know in the comments.