Earlier this week I shared with you my Top 10 Purses for Every Occasion…and while all those purses are great, sometimes it’s just not in the budget to grab another bag. So…we’re left to our own devices and one easy way to update an old purse: Add a Scarf! While most would just tie a scarf around the handle in some fun way (check them out) why not completely replace the handle?!

Yes, I mean taking the existing handle off and replacing it with a fun neck scarf of your choosing! While some bags have removable handles (like this one) for others this will require cutting off the existing handle…but I say out with the old and in with the new. I mean honestly, if you’re no longer using the bag anyway what’s the harm?!

Ok so here is an easy way  to update an old bag —Scarf Handle DIY

Step 1: Choose a Purse

You’ll want to choose something small, that can be supported by a small neck scarf. The bag also needs to have loops that connect the straps (explained more later).


Step 2: Remove the Straps

As discussed earlier, if your bag has a removable strap (via clips) unhook it. Or if this is an older purse that you are definitely tired of (and the straps are connected via links of some sort) go ahead and cut off the straps!


Now your purse is a clutch! Which would also be cute…FYI!


Below I have shown up close what I mean by needing your straps to be connected via loops. Some purses have straps directly sewn onto their body, while others have the straps hooked or sewn onto loops that are connected to the purse.

Obviously (hopefully) for what we’re doing we need these loops to be able to tie our scarves on to.  I repeat: DO NOT DO THIS WITH A PURSE WITHOUT THESE LOOP CONNECTORS! Otherwise you will just end up cutting straps off a purse with no way to connect a scarf to it…essentially creating a clutch.


Step 3: Pick a Scarf

Most any scarf will work (in someway). You just may have to get creative with tying it to the purse and creating a functional and cute strap! But for our sake, the easiest scarf to accomplish this task is a narrow rectangular style.


Step 4: Tying the Scarf

So…you can tie the scarf in any way you can imagine! How I tied my scarf was by pulling it through one of the strap loops until it was halfway (shown below)


Then I looped one end (I would’ve done both if they could fit, but only one did — loop was too small) through the opposite strap loop and then tied the two ends together in a knot.


YAY cute little handbag! And such a different vibe from what it was before…an easy way to change up any old purse…and without spending a dime (unless you buy a new scarf, still cheaper than a new purse)!

Here is another purse I switched up. It was a thrift store find and had handles that made the bag look like a clutch my grandmother might take to church. So I cute them off and instead tie various scarves through the handle loops! You can see this purse styled with an outfit here (yesterday’s post).


Would you try this easy purse update? Let me know in the comments!