My favorite outfit combo: a graphic tee & jeans… easy, yet so fun! It’s a simple combination to make, but thanks to the graphic can make a statement.  Sadly with winter this outfit go-to gets pushed away for warmer days…well not today with this great puffer bomber jacket!

I found this jacket in a thrift store in Texas ($6 YAAASSS)! It’s in emaculate condition (looks never worn), has a fun sassy side with it’s electric blue lining, and even gives a nod to the 70’s puffer with the v-pattern of the stitching for the puffs(?).

Along with all the great style this jacket is overall soooo warm…it may be tiny, but it is might! A puffer bomber jacket is a great addition to a t-shirt & jeans outfit that will keep you toasty even in the snow.


| Black Puffer Jacket (similar) | Metallica T-Shirt (thrifted) | Distressed Boyfriend JeansPlatform Sneakers | Black Beanie | Grey Wrap Choker | Silver Ring Set |

How do you style your puffer jacket? Let me know in the comments!

(The T-shirt was a vintage thrift find…but I have linked H&M: they have an assortment of Metallica Tees Available)