I have never really lived in a cold climate city…that is anywhere it regularly gets below 60-50 during the winter months.  And thus have never really experimented with cold weather accessories.  I worked retail for years and know all the possibilities out there, but living in Phoenix I always just laughed at our winter inventory (that was never going to sell) because HELLO! it’s the week of Christmas and 75 degrees!

Anyway, living in Bochum has opened up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to accessorizing! And the name of the game is…staying warm! A couple of weeks ago I created a shopping list of my favorite beanies, but now as it gets colder a hat is not enough. My nose is always cold along with my neck…solution -> scarf. So I have become obsessed with blanket scarves. They can be worn in so many ways (because they’re just a huge chunk of snuggly warmth) and honestly are like having a personal body heater on you!

They are human insulation….like that pink stuff in your attic. Today I’m sharing with you my wishlist of blanket scarves…as well as how I would style these items!

1.  Soft Check Scarf from Zara

This one is my favorite! It’s the perfect color combination for fall/winter – one and done! The burgundy/red brings in a great winter season accent color, while the neutral black & tan keeps the scarf versatile between color palettes (black, grey, white, brown, taupe, cream)….and it couldn’t be any softer!

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This scarf is the perfect accessory to pair with any casual day outfit. Swap your sweater for this blanket scarf draped over your shoulders (and open in the front). I would wear it with a graphic tee, jeans, and loafers. Layer a long-line oversized blazer on top as a coat, and pair with minimal accessories!

2. Leopard Print Scarf from Urban Outfitters

I mean…what’s not to love! Leopard print and oversized/cozy…perfection. But really leopard print is so cool right now and just adds an extra pizazz to any outfit. Your cold weather accessories should keep you warm, as well as accessorize and enhance your outfit!


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I LOVE a rock band graphic tee! What better way to accessorize than with a hint of leopard. I would wear this scarf exactly as shown (looped once around my neck)…but tight around my face and fluffed up for warmth & volume! I would pair it with a rock band graphic tee, distressed boyfriend jeans, and a studded ankle boot for flare. Add a leather jacket and statement purse to top off the look!

3. Plaid Scarf from H&M

One of the best parts of fall/winter are the colors. Those rich jewels tones that we dream about all summer long! Here it is in a scarf…that beautiful teal/green hue.  And $13, you really can’t beat that!

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Stay warm this holiday party season by layering your blanket scarf as a poncho overtop your LBD! Drape the open scarf over your arms, back, and shoulders and then belt around your waist…a great way to stay warm in style! I would pair this teal colored scarf with a simple black satin slip dress and thigh high suede heeled boots. I would wear an embellished belt, add another pop of color with a snake print burgundy bag. Accessorize the look with stackable rings!

4. Check Scarf from Mango

Who doesn’t love a check pattern this season? Well, what better way to incorporate it into an outfit than with your scarf! This is the perfect outerwear accessories to add a hint of fun to your workday wardrobe.

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The office is always chilly…so you better layer up! Next Monday swap out your usual cardigan for a blanket scarf. Once fully dressed (coat and all) drape your scarf like a cape over your shoulders, then toss one corner across your chest, over the opposing shoulder! Now you’ve added an extra layer and a unique style! Bundle up in your scarf all day long when your cubicle gets cold.  I would pair this check scarf with slim trousers in black, a plain white button dow, and blue accents. Don’t forget a fun heeled boot to spice things up!

5. Classic Scarf from Oak + Fort

This scarf in black or white is amazing! First let me say it’s gigantic, which is the best way to be as a blanket scarf…the bigger the better definitely applies to this item! And the classic solid color makes it a perfect staple to any winter wardrobe!

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This scarf looks so comfy and cozy! It is a great addition to your winter closet…a basic solid blanket scarf. Wear it all bundled up, meaning wrapped around you as many times as possible…snug as a bug in a rug. I would pair it with a monochromatic winter white outfit. Wearing a cream sweater, cream wool coat, and straight leg jeans. I would add pops of color with a sequined beanie, and rose gold vans. Add some fun with graphic bag!

Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!