Accessories can make or break an outfit…I always tend to lean towards the Coco Chanel way: “Before you leave the house take off one item.” You can never have too few embellishments, but it is easy to have too many. With this minimalist approach to accessorizing in mind, a great way to stand out this season is with a statement belt!

Belts are so versatile: they can be added to almost any look; they are available in a wide variety of styles; and they range anywhere from simple to extravagant. Done right, belts can really elevate an outfit. Now, belts are nothing new, although they were once a practical item actually serving a purpose…you remember…holding up your pants. While they can still do this, now belts can also simply be a fashionable embellishment to an outfit.

And belts right now are the IT item to wear! That’s why this Trending Tuesday is all about them: which ones to have and ways to style them! So, next time you think your outfit needs a makeover…throw on a belt!

1. Double Buckle Belt (Urban Outfitters)

This is my all time favorite style…maybe it’s because of the western inspiration?! This belt is a must-have for your wardrobe and can be styled in so many ways…but for winter it’s a perfect addition to a cozy sweater & skirt combo!

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2. Corset Belt (Akira)

These belts are so flattering…tucking you in at the waist and creating that hourglass shape. So what better to pair it with than a boxy dress. Not only will it flatter your figure, but it will turn your simple dress into a standout outfit!

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3. Wrap Belt (Mango)

These belts can be tricky to tie…but they are so worth it! Another figure flatterer…anything to get a little nip/tuck without a needle. Get creative and spice up your work wear with a wrap belt over your blazer!

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4. Classic Belt (H&M)

You can never go wrong with a classic…or something simple (especially when it’s already in your closet and don’t cost a thing). While this style is a classic, switch things up this winter by belting your outerwear!

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All these belts are trending this season…along with the new ways of wearing them! But you can never go wrong with the classic…this season make a statement in casual clothes (jeans & a t-shirt) by accessorizing with one of these trending belt styles!