I don’t think it’s any secret or surprise that I LOVE long-line cardigans! Unfortunately for me they sometimes are just too long…short girl problems. Luckily I have figured out a way to deal with these unusually long silhouettes…

Here it is:

This will only work for cardigans with side slits…so if you have long cardigans with slits PERFECT, if not my tip is to wear heels. In the future only purchase cardigans that are too long if they have side slits, otherwise this style trick won’t help.

Take the front pieces before the slit and tie them around your waist. With a jacket thrown over it gives the illusion of tying a long-sleeve shirt around your waist! Boom, now you get to wear the cardigan (layer for warmth), and have some cool girl swag as you do it!


Punny and I LOVE it! Obsessed with these cutsie embroidered tees this year.


Tying a long-sleeve or sweater around your waist was always the cool girl thing in my life…growing up I was a dancer…so this could just be a style thing of that community. But hey, I still love it and think it adds something funky to an outfit!

| Embroidered Chest Tee | Long Line Olive Cardigan | Olive Bomber | Express Girlfriend Jeans | Nike Air Max Thea |

What’s your favorite sweater silhouette this year? Let me know in the comments!

(Unfortunately the tan Theas are pretty much sold out. I have linked my ebay search that popped up a few, but at steep price. They do however have a TON of Theas, so if you want another color click here)

(They also no longer have this Banana Embroidered Tee. I linked an Etsy account that will customize an embroidered chest tee, make whatever you want! Or  Forever 21 has a ton of cute embroidered chest tees for cheap )