With cold weather comes flannels as a wardrobe staple.  But sometimes this piece can feel worn-out and redundant. You layer it over a shirt, you wear it alone, pair it with leggings…and somehow it still feels like the same outfit on rotation.

One “unique” option is to instead tie it around your waist. But even that is beginning to feel played out, right (hello, 90s)? So what to do with your trusty flannel…

Wear it as a skirt…over your skinny jeans! This shirt as a skirt thing started over the summer, and while it never fully caught on it’s still totally awesome! I figured since we’re wearing skirts/dresses over jeans this would be an acceptable, fun combo for the cold!


A fun take on a winter wonder classic! And when it starts to get warm again, just take off the jeans…BOOM a whole new outfit!

Rock & Roll Tee | Faux Suede Moto Jacket | Red & Black Flannel | Express Jean Leggings | Patent Sock Booties | Gold Criss Cross Cuff | Gold Spiral Ring | Gold Double Bar Ring |

How do you like to wear your flannel? Let me know in the comments below!