Seasons come and go, but within this notion one thing is for certain: the season will come…including winter. This year winter is fast approaching. Gone are the times for wearing simple jackets or light layers. Coat season is in full effect (at least that’s the case here in Bochum).

As I’ve stated before, sometimes the need to stay warm outweighs the desire to look “cool”. That being said, I’ve rounded up 3 of the hottest coat styles that are trending this season. With these coats style meets warmth to create on-trend, fashionable options for winter.

1. Teddy Bear Coat

This style is back, popping up on the street style scene in recent weeks. Named for it’s teddy bear like material it’s texture adds an interesting element to any outfit. This casual coat will keep you warm as well as enhance any everyday look!

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2. Pastel Coat

This trend interests me the most, being such a contradiction to the usual. Fall and winter are known for their deep, dark hues…plum, burgundy, green, navy etc. This year however pastels have become the trend for the cold-weather seasons. Outerwear was no exception, with pastels popping up in every coat style! A great option to stand out from the darkened winter crowd!

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Tip: As you can see there are too many options to choose from here, for a great coat that will last go the more expensive route. But this trend may not stick for seasons to come, so i suggest finding your coat at a bargain!

3. Puffer Coat

Saved my personal favorite (a.k.a. the best) for last! This stye coat was on my radar all year (knowing I would need it in Germany) and I finally purchased a Puffy Columbia Coat. And boy is it soooooo warm! I defintely recommend this purchase for anyone living in colder areas. Such a great addition to your t-shirt and jeans look!

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Tip: For classic coat styles (trench, wool, parka, puffy etc.) shop overflow stores: Ross, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, etc. to get great deals on top brands for the season!

NOTE: I have jackets on here from Forever21 because let’s face it, jackets are EXPENSIVE! And if you’re like me and want to have variety it’s going to cost you. Unless you can find items at a discount…i.e. Forever 21. You might think, well a cheaper coat means it won’t be as warm…WRONG! I have purchased coats from Forever21 before and they have worked just as well as any. Most of these coats are polyester or synthetic vs. wool or down (even the expensive ones)…so there’s virtually no difference in fabric. The difference might be seen in wear and tear (forever 21 pieces sometimes don’t withstand the test of time) but for trendy or colorful coats you won’t wear everyday they’re perfect!

What’s your favorite coat for winter? Have you purchased it yet? Let me know in the comments!