It’s finally come down to more than just layering, coats are a MUST! What better way to kick off the cold than with a cape style coat paired with a blanket scarf.

I purchased this coat on sale from Express years ago…and have never worn it! It is so warm and for the price was such a GREAT deal….Tip: Shop your coats off season for great styles at great prices! As for a blanket scarf, they’re the best style! So versatile, so large, so warm…the perfect accessory to keep you cozy when it’s cold.

See how I styled these cold-weather must haves to keep warm today in Bochum.

I like capes because they allow you to keep your arms inside your coat, next to your body.  Tip: Body heat is the best way to stay warm, skin to skin contact!


Tip: Change up your outfit combinations this season by swapping your sweater layer for a BIG blanket scarf instead…make your style interesting!


You can drape the scarf, or if you get really cold bundle up!

This outfit kept me sooooooo warm, and it’s such a simple combination! Plus, it was still cute! Sometimes you have to sacrifice the look to stay warm, but with my blanket scarf and this cape no sacrifices today! Oh what a good day it is!

H&M Black TurtleneckZara Blanket Scarf  | Wool Fedora | Michael Kors Gold Watch | Express Cuff Bracelet | Express Distressed Jeans | ASOS Marketplace Cape Coat | Forever21 Platform Oxfords |